Almost Home!!

I have a little over a week before I’ll be home for good. I am so not into traveling right now and that homecoming will be sweeter than honey. I will be going home for a day tomorrow for Ava’s 4th birthday and that will be so much fun. It will be hard to get back on the plane and head to Sacremento for rock at the Arco Arena. Doesn’t Arco gas totally suck? I am starting to form a to do list for when I get home. Here it is so far:

1. Buy a hammock
2. Buy a really big cooler
3. Buy some ice
4. Buy some beer
5. Put ice in cooler
6. Put beer in ice
7. Kick it.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to that list but that’s kept me pretty excited so far. Continue reading

The Non-Emergent Church (Literally)

[[image:Report-More-Kids-C.article.jpg::right:0]]Check out the new craze in Christianity, home churching your kids. Brilliant! You can always count on The Onion to bring us the best “news” in the world. My favorite quote from the article is this:

“I couldn’t believe that the liberal elite had infiltrated even the study of our Holy Scriptures,” Tucker said. “It was bad enough that my youngsters were being taught evolution in public schools, but when I discovered they were learning to embrace foreigners and Big Government in Sunday school, I drew the line.”

The scary thing about this is that it’s probably happening for real. Continue reading

Father Richard

Father Richard Rohr is someone who has been really having a huge impact on me lately. I’ve just finished his book “Everything Belongs” and it has reshaped many of my thoughts on what it means to be a person of faith. I would compare the impact this book has had on me to the way Dallas Willard’s “Divine Conspiracy” crashed into my soul like a wrecking ball. Of all the books I’ve read, these two are ones that I feel it necessary to revisit regularly through the course of my life. I googled “Richard Rohr” and found this great site that is the home site for The Center for Action and Contemplation that Rohr founded in 1987. I’m really into this section of the site where Rohr jots down his thoughts on different things going on in the world. Hopefully Father Rohr will find the benefits of blogging soon. I’m assuming all of his books are great, but if anyone has read his other stuff, let me know what I should go for next. Continue reading

Dark Days

Obviously, this has been a pretty dark time for this country and those who have been victims of this disaster. I was actually in Ft. Lauderdale the day after it swept through south Florida and remember being really irritated that all the banks were closed because I needed to get something notarized. I was driven from bank to bank with no luck due to the power being down and I was becoming pretty impatient. Little did I know then that this storm would be the cause of so much pain and anguish in the days to come. When we heard the hurricane was coming through Florida, we changed our plans and stayed in Orlando the day it swept through. When we arrived to Ft Lauderdale the next day, we were a little disappointed to have missed it. In a weird way, we were curious as to what it would be like to be “in the storm”. It’s just so incredible that it has ended the way it has and to think we were disappointed at the time to not see it for ourselves.

I don’t really know what to say or what to offer up in the way of words other than to say my prayers are going out to those who are in need. I have read some great insights, thoughts, opinions on some of the blogs I frequent. There are some great posts regarding Katrina that can be found at the blogs of Will, Fred, and Myles. I second all of their notions, especially regarding how our President and his administration have been inept in dealing with this disaster. But what else is new. If he isn’t creating a disaster, he’s avoiding one. Continue reading