Bush Family Vacation.

[[image:vacationl.jpg::center:0]]We all need a little humor in a time of darkness. Photoshop….what would we do without you?


12 thoughts on “Bush Family Vacation.

  1. firstly, i don’t dislike bush, the man. i just don’t like the way he operates his administration.

    secondly, this post was not meant as a literal commentary on the bush family. it was more for humor. i would have to assume whether you like or dislike bush, this would be funny all the same, unless you happen to be Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh

    thirdly, isn’t the Republican Party and the Church the same thing?

  2. I do realize that your post was not a literal commentary on the bush family. I maybe was not responding to the picture as much as I was responding to other posts I’ve read of yours that led me to believe that you dislike bush. The picture simply triggered my question.

    I do not believe that the Republican Party is the Church. I believe that the Church is the body of believers. There are many Repulicans who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

    I wasn’t trying to indict you, I was just thinking that maybe we should be asking believers how to solve the problem, and not the government.

  3. bear, if you have an issue with past posts, please comment on those posts. this post just can’t be that serious. just admit it’s funny.

  4. howdy zach. now that photo is classic. even during troubled times, it is important to find humor in life. i hope you are all doing well. take care. bill

  5. May I ask why you so dislike Bush?

    It is my understanding that it is the role of the Church, not the government, to meet the needs of those in crisis.

    Is it possible that we are asking the government to do something that it was not created to do? By created, I mean created as in the way that God created government to function, not the way that man has created it to function.

  6. First off God did not create the government. Men who owned slaves created the government although I believe there are parts of the Old Testament (Leviticus i believe) that say this is okay to own slaves and have “relations” with your slave as long as you make reparations at the Temple. I also believe it says that along with homesexuality eating shellfish and geckos is also an abomination. So perhaps this is the God of the Old testament finally getting around to wipping New Orleans out since the only time I was there I saw many a shrimp being consumed, locations where slaves once lived, and a few cross dressers who may or may not have been not straight, and I am sure someone was eating geckos someplace in town. Or perhaps it was just a hurricane which happen to occur every fall for the last thousand years.

    This picture is hilarious.

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