Tony Jones has issued a challenge to liberal/progressive folks to write a substantive statement about God. I’m really glad Tony has pushed the issue here. I say a lot about what I think God is not without declaring much about what I DO believe about God. So here it goes:

For whatever reason, I’ve been given a capacity to experience life. I have a physical body and inside my body there exists a consciousness, an observer, that experiences the universe. When I dwell on this ability to inhale, exhale, watch the birds, kiss my wife, go on hikes, give my kids hugs, swim in the ocean, look at the stars……I feel an overwhelming gratefulness to whatever force or energy that gave me this capacity, this gift of life. It is also in these moments (unfortunately rare moments) when I realize that the difference between existence and non-existence seems so razor thin, the gift seems all the more precious and fleeting.

For various reasons I’ve ended up naming this force God. There’s a lot about God that I’m unsure of but by virtue of my ability to write this sentence and conceptualize these ideas, I feel a deep appreciation for what God has done. Before any discussion about the nature of God could be had, it might be helpful to realize that it could very easily be the case that we would have not existed to have any discussion at all. This maybe overly vague or lacks substance but it’s all I got. Thanks Tony!