If you’re German, it’s Wideo Wenue

If you don’t know by now, most Germans when speaking english substitute their “V” with a “W.” That explains the title.

Bob Hyatt has a great post regarding the possibility of a Mark Driscoll video venue church in Portland, OR:

Please understand- If you want to listen to Mark’s podcast/watch his vodcast, I think you should go for it- I subscribe to his podcast for crying out loud. But where we’re going with this is eventually a Mark Driscoll, Andy Stanley, Ed Young Jr, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, et al Video Franchise in every major city, the further Wal-Martization of the church and, I kid you not- the death of preaching.

Think that’s hyperbole?

Stay tuned.

First of all, Bob has a great blog and I had the chance to meet him face to face at the NPC last week. Bob has written extensively on the issue of video venue and I’m totally on board with his concerns. I see a very similar thing going on in the music business. Record labels are basically abandoning the development of young artist in order to focus all of their resources on their established, aging stars as the entire business nose dives into the shitter. The reason it’s gone this way is developing young artists takes time, money, and immense risk…..it’s hard. Why develop young talent when we have all this talent that’s already here waiting to be ridden into the sunset.

The problem is that there will be hardly any large scale acts that will help keep the business afloat and, in turn, help fund the development of younger artists. Granted, the problems with the music industry are many and are much more complicated than I’m hitting on here, but the point remains.

But I must admit the prospect of a Mark Driscoll video venue church coming to other major cities might give me the opportunity to try out the McKenzie brothers’ trick with the jar of moths. I’m torn.

**Update** Bob hits another post out of the park on this issue. Nice to see folks actually wrestling with the unintended consequences of how we use technology.