“You do not know me….”

This is a fascinating clip. The pastor in the clip says he’s there because he he loves Jennifer and is “concerned” for her while making the claim that he is in no way condemning or judging her. His problem is that no one who is being objective really believes that. His very presence on the set is precisely due to the fact that he is judging her and indicating to her that she’s separated from “the family.” I love the way Knapp calls him out and wonders why, if “sin is sin” as he points out, he’s not sitting in her seat. Beautiful.

Colbert Talks Health Care with Jon Cohn

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This is such a great clip. Funny, informative……and the idea of Colbert being on a “death panel” should be made into a TV mini-series.

Here’s a link for Jon Cohn’s book, Sick.



Last night’s debate wasn’t all that interesting, aside from McCain proposing he’ll buy up bad mortgages and then five minutes later saying he’d consider a government “spending freeze.” I’m not sure how he reconciles that, but then again, I’m not sure how he reconciles most of his entire campaign. I think Obama did well enough to impress. McCain was better than he was in the first debate but didn’t pull off a game changing performance that he desperately needs right now.

The most fascinating point of the night for me was watching the CNN focus group of undecided voters. Here we sit, a month out from election day and this group of undecideds really left me scratching my head. Almost every one of them, either republican or democrat, said they didn’t get the kind of specifics they were hoping for from the candidates. If I can find a youtube clip, I’ll post it but so far have been unsuccessful.

It’s laughable to me that these folks are complaining that they don’t have access to specifics. Both Obama and McCain have detailed plans widely available to anyone with thirty minutes and an internet connection. If we really need every specific detail outlined in these debates, the debates would be four hours long and hardly anyone would even watch.

I have to think that the phrase “I wanted to hear more specifics,” must be the thing to say when you really have no idea what you’re talking about or have nothing really to offer in the way of a tangible opinion on the candidates. If you are interested enough in spending an hour and a half watching the debate, then there really is no reason you couldn’t spend the same amount of intellectual curiosity and take a few minutes to read up on the each of the candidates websites.

I personally thought that both candidates were pretty specific and outlined plans about as well as one could do with just a few minutes at a time.

Reading McCain

Check out this fascinating post at TPM that takes a look at McCain’s unwillingness to even look at Obama during the debate. Here is a tidbit from a reader of TPM:

As a psychotherapist and someone who treats people with anger management problems, we typically try to educate people that anger is often an emotion that masks other emotions. I think it’s significant that McCain didn’t make much, if any, eye contact because it suggests one of two things to me; he doesn’t want to make eye contact because he is prone to losing control of his emotions if he deals directly with the other person, or, his anger masks fear and the eye contact may increase or substantiate the fear.
I noticed him doing the same thing in the Republican primary debates. The perception observers are likely to have is that he is unwilling to acknowledge the opponent’s legitimacy and/or is contemptuous of the opponent.