Drum Beat of War hits a snag.

Josh Marshall at TPM writes:

Oh, for the days when the need to parse presidential language was only a matter of distinguishing different kinds of sex acts. Now it’s necessary to hold the president to account for starting wars, bamboozling the country and causing untold numbers of deaths.

We appear to know now that the Iranians shuttered their nuclear weapons program in 2003. The president apparently had strong indications this was the case back as far as last summer and the intelligence became progressively more clear in the fall. And yet here he was through most of the fall escalating his rhetoric against Iran and rattling the sabers for a potential military confrontation.

I just pray that W can resist the temptation and leave his finger off the button until 2008*.

(* which may not matter anyway if Guliani wins. If that’s the case, he’ll probably give the order while he’s driving on his way to the White House after being sworn in.)