Spam Sucks

i just got hit with my first “spam” attack on this blog. i think if you are involved in the creation and distribution of spam in any way, you are gonna go to hell and burn. this may be bad theology but at the moment, i’m fine with being wrong.



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Taking it Easy in Soho

[[image:nycsky.jpg::center:0]]I spent today in NYC. We are staying in Soho which i think is my favorite area of new york city so far. it doesn’t seem as congested as uptown and it’s got a great feel to it. We had the day off for the most part so i did some laundry, saw a movie (Fever Pitch) at union square, bought the new kings of leon album and the i heart huckabees dvd. It was a good day, and “i didn’t even have to use my a-k”. Needless to say, NYC is awesome. i really love it hear, especially when the weather is amazing as was the case today.

so much has happened since i last posted. i guess i’ll mow the events down in chronological order.

i met up with Rob Bell and friends in Detroit. it is always a highlight to hang out with rob. he, his brother John and his neighbor tim made the two hour drive to come hang out and experience my world for a day. we discussed things like john eldridge’s bizarre hunting/nature practices, how donald miller is awesome, church, how a brilliant man named ken wilbur is attempting to boil down the universe and it’s contents down to two words, and the local grand rapids music scene…..over some Johnny Rockets. It was sweet. Rob = Good. Thanks to Rob, John, and Tim for making it out.

next was my brush with some very well educated young men from princeton theological seminary. adam from pomomusings, kellen from fear and trembling and their homies josh, nick, and don. all the guys were super cool and it was great getting to know them. we drank some wine, snacked on some chips and salsa, and talked about how it’s kinda creepy to tell people you’re meeting someone you’ve “met on the internet” face to face for the first time (especially when you’re a dude meeting a dude). but it’s these kinds of connections that make blogging it’s most valuable, right? i got to know a little bit about their experience at princeton and what they are searching/striving for in their journeys. i don’t envy their book lernin’ lifestyle, but hey……someone has to do it, right? as someone who plays in a rock band, they are like rock-stars to me in a way. they do what i know i could never do. so major props to those guys for blowing off the books for some partying and rocking out.

last but not least, my dad came out to visit me in ithica, ny. he’s working in upstate new york for the summer and busted loose just long enough to come hang out, eat dinner and see the band play. it was awesome seeing him. it’s been like three months since i’d seen him last so it was great. i really appreciate my dad, and mom too, for being supportive of me and what i do. even when i was a bum who dropped out of community college to chase the “rock”, they had my back. they are great parents. ( i think my mom found my blog online, so i have to keep it clean now, just in case)

oh, i also got a delphi my-fi which is a portable XM satellite radio tuner. it’s the size of an ipod and it sounds awesome. how cool is it to listen to radio where tom petty has a dj show and herbie hancock hosts a jazz show. amazing. what’s funny are the names for the “christian” stations…”the fish” or “the spirit”. i don’t know, it’s funny….those are easily the worst stations in the whole lot. shocking, isn’t it? ok, maybe not. when will those silly christians ever learn to write good songs? Continue reading

a possible move…..

i’m contemplating moving my blog to wordpress. i really like pivot, but with wordpress i would be able to email a blog entry from my sidekick, which i’ve had zero luck with pivot. i’m kinda bummed though cause i dig my blog the way it is now and i’m not sure if i’m up for tweaking a new template to my liking. plus, tim samoff will be pissed. i apologize in advance for any future sins, ok tim? Continue reading

The Far East

[[image:shibuya.jpg::center:0]] I’m far from home in a place where my cell phone doesn’t work in Japan…. disconnected. It’s weird, what did we do before cell phones? I can’t just call my wife whenever i want as i walk down the crowded tokyo streets. i can’t call my friends who are here with me to meet up or to grab something to eat. if i want to do any of these things, i have to walk all the way back to my hotel, go up to my room and start going down the rooming list until i find someone who is actually in their room. If you want to stay connected, it takes effort. don’t get me wrong, Japan is an amazing place. I love it here, it just gets a bit weird sometimes. Lost in Translation is so right on. If you haven’t seen that movie, you should.

In many ways I am experiencing the same sort of feeling when it comes to “Church”. Mainly cause me and my family aren’t really apart of one at the moment. actually, this moment has lasted probably 6 months. I could chalk it up to being away from home so much. I could chalk it up to unsatisfying “worship styles”. Maybe those things are contributors but I have a deeper sense that the problem is not outside myself. I WANT to want to be part of a community of believers, but that experience seems so far away. It’s weird, as much as i silently, or not so silently, call out other religious/spiritual/”christian” practices……at least they are practicing. I’m like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation but Scarlet Johansen just checked out of the hotel. Now I just imagine going to a Karaoke Bar with all my friends……only in my mind. Needless to say, over this time I’ve thought long and hard about what Church is. What it should mean to me. What I should mean to it.

This past easter was really weird. As far as i can remember, it’s the first easter where I didn’t go to a Church. We had waffles, read the crucifixion and resurrection story as a family from the Message, and then had an easter egg hunt in the back yard. Our little congregation of 3. Bono was worship leader and Pastor Zach preached the sermon about how Jesus was so nice and full of Love that a bunch old dudes with beards ended up killing him. But that Love kept him alive. Then I got picked up and went to the airport after lunch.

I don’t know where this poorly forged path will lead us. It’s a path nonetheless and I think God has made it a little sketchy on purpose. I’m thankful for that. Anything that comes too easy isn’t worthwhile. I will pray and ask God to show me what it is that brings us to a community, together. The search continues.

Other than all this going around in my head, everything is really good. Japan is am amazing adventure everytime. Korean BBQ, Electronics stores that rock your world, Bullet Trains. I love Shibuya, the area we are staying in. It’s like times sqaure of the East.

I’ve been listening to Pete Yorn‘s Live from New Jersey. Such an awesome live record. If you don’t know Pete, get to it!!!

That’s it for now. At this rate, i’ll blog in about a month. Continue reading