Going Home

I’m standing on the street outside my hotel in Dublin waiting for a cab
to the airport. I’ve been away for a month and it’s gonna be amazing to
get home and see my girls. The next hours cannot go by fast enough.
It’s been a great trip and Europe is an amazing place, but home is
always better. Continue reading

Slept Through an Earthquake

Apparently there was an earthquake this morning in the L.A. area around
8 or so, but I wouldn’t know because I slept right through it. I am
sort of famous in the crew for being the guy that can fall asleep
anywhere under most any circumstances. For me this ability has come in
handy over the years of bumpy van rides and sleeping on a hard wood
floors. So I’ve always thought of this ability as a good thing until
this morning. I have never been in an earthquake before and would have
loved to experience it to the fullest. I guess it was a very mild quake
so hopefully no one got hurt. Maybe I could turn this experience into
an anecdote packed full of symbolism…that might be fun, but I’m just
bummed I missed out on my first earthquake. Continue reading

San Jose

I’m off again to work. This time its a few shows in California then a
day off to fly home and THEN it’s off to Europe for a month. It’s
always tough to leave home but it has been a good time being home these
last few weeks. At the moment I’m standing outside the terminal at the
airport in San Jose airport. It’s suny yet cool and breezy. That just
doesn’t make sense to me this time of year. This is the time to cower
from the sun. Me and my friend Rick are standing at the curb asking
ourselves why we live in Phoenix. For now I’ll forget about any
possible answers for that question and just take in the cool breeze. Continue reading

Home in 2 Hours

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now waiting to get on a plane
that will take me HOME. I think its been over a month actually so it
couldn’t have come at a better time. The only bummer is that I’m still
feeling pretty crappy, but hopefully that will pass by the morning. So
in probably about two hours I will crawl into my own bed.
Ahhhh……simple pleasures are pretty fantastic.
We are playing with Billy Idol in Tucson the day after tomorrow and I’m
trying to decide if I should let my daughter Ava experience the “rock”.
I think I know what my decisoin is but I’m willing to take some
suggestions. Anyone? Continue reading