Dark Days

Obviously, this has been a pretty dark time for this country and those who have been victims of this disaster. I was actually in Ft. Lauderdale the day after it swept through south Florida and remember being really irritated that all the banks were closed because I needed to get something notarized. I was driven from bank to bank with no luck due to the power being down and I was becoming pretty impatient. Little did I know then that this storm would be the cause of so much pain and anguish in the days to come. When we heard the hurricane was coming through Florida, we changed our plans and stayed in Orlando the day it swept through. When we arrived to Ft Lauderdale the next day, we were a little disappointed to have missed it. In a weird way, we were curious as to what it would be like to be “in the storm”. It’s just so incredible that it has ended the way it has and to think we were disappointed at the time to not see it for ourselves.

I don’t really know what to say or what to offer up in the way of words other than to say my prayers are going out to those who are in need. I have read some great insights, thoughts, opinions on some of the blogs I frequent. There are some great posts regarding Katrina that can be found at the blogs of Will, Fred, and Myles. I second all of their notions, especially regarding how our President and his administration have been inept in dealing with this disaster. But what else is new. If he isn’t creating a disaster, he’s avoiding one.


13 thoughts on “Dark Days

  1. Tis true…I probably should have known you would call me “i’m all for free speech, but…” I’d reword that part.

    I think you’re putting some words in my mouth, though. It’s not my intention to makes excuses for anyone. It’s not even my intention to speak specifically to this situation. More of what I was pointing out that I observe is that situations like these always seem like the opportunity to criticize on a broader level…not just with the situation at hand. And I don’t limit that statement to one party, either.

    I, too, don’t fully understand or know the whole situation. I couldn’t…I’m not on the front lines. But, I hope you don’t take my comments as rude.

    Thanks for your reply, though. I’m not offended by your post. It makes for good discussion and a little bit more learning where others are coming from on my part.

  2. This is just a response to the last couple of sentences of your post. Not really to you, directly, but to the actions of our nation as a whole.

    I’m all for free speech and calling people on their mistakes, but why does it seem like people on both sides of the political spectrum wait until our time of need when we need to be united to starting wielding their swords and flinging their name-calling words. Most of the time it’s done in vain and to the detriment of this country. And, in this case, to the detriment of the hurricane victims. It’s almost like the light turns green and the self-motivated agenda pushing begins. Not always, but that sure is what it seems like this time.

    I have family directly hit by this disaster. I want things done fast. But maybe if we stopped worrying about who’s right and who’s wrong and start putting our time, money and physical resources where our mouths so often are, then we could get something incredible accomplished.

    Just some thoughts. Hope they don’t sound rude. I’m just frustrated and tired of people mascarading behind the facade of “goodwill politics”…when that’s not what it is at all. I realize this is my opinion…it’s just a strong one right now:)

  3. Zach,

    Like you, I have been attempting to understand the immensity of the issues in New Orleans. I don’t claim to understand them or to have any idea what it must be like for the people of that city – especially those who were impoverished before this took place.

    I know that many have frustrations with Bush on many different levels, but I think we need to wait to see the evidence before we start casting blame. The highest butt on the ladder is always the easiest to hit with the arrow. Some may say that pictures of what took place at the Convention Center are evidence enough – granted, but not evidence that points to one person, when there are MANY different levels at work here.

    I have been trying to find different timelines that connect stories – because stuff has been happening too quickly for me to keep track of. This is the most thorough I have found. It obviously comes from someone with a right-wing agenda, but it links everything to the news stories as they were reported. It’s worth a read.


  4. I guess I would disagree with you on that one, Lindsay. I also think the mayor of the city of New Orleans would disagree as well. In fact, I would be willing to bet that many victims of this tragedy would disagree.

    The response from FEMA and the rest of the federal government, especially Homeland Security, has been utterly embarrasing. I feel that if I were not voicing my disasatisfaction with this bizarre behaviour coming from our federal government, I would be committing the most severe disrespect towards the victim.

    If you are satisfied with with the excuses that we’ve been hearing from Homeland Security, then God bless you. I can’t sit back and not take notice. If that offends you, then so be it.

    I’m glad I read your comment because usually when I hear “I’m all for free speech, but……..” I usually don’t continue.

  5. Yesterday, I went to the Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum where (as of last night), six hundred or so evacuees were housed. As much venom as I have spit over the Feds mishandling, my heart was elated at the experience of community leaders on a local gov’t level making a difference. The heart of democracy at work is us — working. I forget that; especially since gov’t policy has been exported to the “other gulf.”

    This is going to be a long term committment. NOLA won’t be completely rebuilt for a decade. Noone working on a local level is confused as to the efficacy of Bush and Brown, et al. But, while they throw blame back and forth, there is care to given and much work to be done. On the ground, there is little time to care who didn’t do what…that time will come. There are people who have lost their smiles, hope, dignity, coupled with all they owned. We can have something to do with restoration.

    Jesus is walking the halls of that coliseum…he looks like you and me. It’s awesome, well, as awesome as it can. Sorry for the rantish nature of this.

  6. Since I’m here…

    Being so removed from the situation here in upstate New York, where all we can do to help is send bottled water, diapers, and money and to pray, we have been taking our frustrations out by complaining about those who are supposed to be in “control.” Because they are the unavoidable faces that grace the newspapers, Web sites, and television screens, we use our hands to point fingers at them when we really should be using those hands to keep sending water, diapers, and money, and more importantly to clap for those Jesus creatures Chris mentioned who always, always manifest in the worst of times and who never make it into the newspapers, Web sites, and television screens.

    I’m not saying the fingers are pointed in the wrong direction, I’m just saying, as well, thanks to Chris for reminding me that actions speak louder than words (cliches are cliches for a reason). Cheers to good news.

  7. Oro, if hating me is how I can serve you, then consider yourself served. I’m grateful for you interest and your heartfelt comment. If you must know, what made me laugh was someones rush to judge adam and be hateful. That person was obviously slow to realize that JEW just might possibly be used as an abbreviation for Jimmy Eat World. I think in your rush to hate, you’ve missed that point as well.

  8. I thought it would be funny to read the blog of someone who found the hatred of those of other faiths entertaining enough to make him fall off his chair.

    Same old hypocritical BS.

    Adam’s summer blog, in which he defends Hamas and sucide bombers might not bother you Christians, but to a number of us its pretty unfunny.

  9. Stumbled across your blog – eric and i went to canyon ridge last week, a friend mentioned your fam, i thought about holly. anyway, i’d love to hear from her sometime. let her know for me? thanks. –corinne shark

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