I risk repeating myself here, but regardless of your political tendencies, we all have to be proud in this historic occasion. Frankly, I’m surprised this has happened in my lifetime. It was a special moment to have my daughter sit down and watch this speech. Amazingly, from her perspective, this is normal. An African-American presidential candidate? “Duh, what’s the big deal, Dad?”

It was very touching to see the emotion of the older African-American folks in the crowd. They must have been deeply moved in a way that’s simply impossible to measure. Wow.

(Photo:Todd Heisler/The New York Times)

A Tragic Legacy

“The president who vowed to lead America in a moral crusade to win hearts and minds around the world has so inflamed anti-American sentiment that America’s moral standing in the world is at an all-time low. The president who vowed to defend the Good in the world from the forces of Evil has caused the United States to be held in deep contempt by large segments of virtually every country on every continent of the world, including large portions of nations with which the U.S. has historically been allied. The president who vowed to undertake a war in defense of American values and freedoms has presided over such radical departures from the defining values and liberties of this country that many Americans find their country and its government unrecognizable. And the president who vowed to lead the war for freedom and democracy has made torture, rendition, abductions, lawless detentions of even our own citizens, secret “black site” prisons, Abu Ghraib dog leashes, and orange Guantánamo jumpsuits the strange, new symbols of America around the world.

–an excerpt from Glenn Greenwald’s new book, “A Tragic Legacy”.

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