Do not be afraid

I’ve had a few conversations about this very topic where I’ve been laughed out of the room. The reason being is that I totally agree with Bob Wright here. If we are holding “enemy combatants” but cannot convict them for whatever reason, we must stay true to the values on which we’ve built this democracy and release them. Indefinitely holding an individual for any reason without due process is a total rejection of our core values. This is the cost of living in a free society where we are all innocent until proven guilty. I understand that politically, this is an almost impossible issue. But we must not be cowards. We are over-estimating the threat to the point where we unflinchingly ditch values that make up the foundation of our society.

I’ll stop here. Bob Wright articulates my view better than I can so I’ll just leave at that.

If you disagree, let me know.

On the Bright Side…..

Yesterday I attended my first “tweetup” at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert. If you don’t know what a tweetup is, it’s simply a gathering of folks who use twitter to organize the event through using their twitter networks.

Most of the conversation on this blog about twitter has been to take a look at its dark side. You can check out a little video chat between myself and Shane Hipps here where we discuss the unintended consequences of Twitter and online communication in general. While I agree with Shane wholeheartedly on the potential downsides of “virtual community”, I still enjoy using twitter and find it valuable in many ways.

One of the ways Twitter can be valuable is that is allows you to make initial connections with people you would have never known otherwise, and the idea of a “tweetup” is to actually meet some of these folks face to face.

I had a great time yesterday meeting a few people who I would probably never have met otherwise. Not only that but the conversation was engaging and friendly. I say that because I sort of half expected for everyone to be glued to their laptops or constantly looking at their cell phones. It was the exact opposite. Everyone truly seemed engaged in conversation, undistracted and open. It was a great experience. Thanks to Liberty Market for hosting. Hopefully I can make to some other tweetups in the future.

On a side not, a honey badger beats the cobra.