It appears that my man, the most badass pastor in the land, Mark Driscoll isn’t so manly after all. I found this interesting clip of Mark Driscoll wearing what appears to be a “lemon yellow” tie. And how about those pastel flowers in the background? Mark, you are SLIPPING MAN! Ditch that girlie shit, bro, and start slaughtering dudes with a badass camo tie or something from the Bass Pro Shop. Maybe the UFC gear shop has ties? C’mon, man, clean it up.


Go see it. I have a hard time imagining another movie this year eclipsing this gem. It’s bizarre that Pixar is so mainstream, yet so incredibly creative and moving. It gives you hope.

YouTubing Driscoll is Fun


Didn’t David “kiss and weep” with Jonathan? Didn’t David say that Jonathan’s love for him was greater than the love of any woman? (that’s so un-Driscollish) And Driscoll is saying with certainty that David was exclusively hetero? I guess if you slaughter about bunch of women and children, that makes up for your alleged gay encounters. Either way, I wonder what the women at Mark’s church feel when they hear that “if you don’t get the young men, you get nothing.” What a thoughtful and pastoral notion……to diminish well more than half your congregants.

There are so many tasty nuggets here. Oh, and when Paul was a young guy, wasn’t he systematically mass-murdering Jesus followers? Yeah, let’s hang out with THAT guy. Good lookin’ out, Mark.

(Rob, you looked quite handsome in that quick edit)

Yo Mr. D! Keep walkin’…….

When Jimmy’s boy Huckabee didn’t quite make the cut for the Republican presidential nomination, he decided to take his ball and go home. But now he’s gettin’ back in the mix, calling out Obama on a speech he gave on faith two years ago. (you can read the whole speech right here). Allahpundit does a good job of sorting out this mess right here.

If you’re not gonna vote, Mr. D., then please spare us your commentary.

Update: Scot McKnight weighs in on this subject. He’s right on:

Here’s my take: Dobson and his companion commentator routinely distorted what Obama was saying by rephrasing and capturing what he said in their own context and for their own agendas. For instance, Obama hypothesized (Dobson didn’t get this) what would happen if we moved all nonChristians out of our society. Even then, he was suggesting, we’d have diversity. Then, Obama asked, if we lived out the Bible which parts would we choose? Would it be Leviticus or Deuteronomy — and he brings up shell fish and stoning one’s son — or would it be the Sermon on the Mount, which Obama stated would be difficult for the Defense Dept to apply. Dobson and his guest got into how the OT laws aren’t for today.

And the winner is…..

The results of the finding rhythm poll for president, after 96 votes, are:

Barack Obama – 74% with 71 votes
John McCain – 21.9% with 21 votes
Ralph Nader – 4.25 with 4 votes

Obviously, I don’t think this will be consistent with the actual numbers in November but it’s interesting to see these results. I guess it makes sense due to the left leaning nature of my blogging. Thanks for everyone who participated. Maybe I’ll do another poll at the end of the summer to see if these numbers would change at all.

“Artificial Timetable”

Fred takes on one of Bush’s favorite terms. Money Quote:

To say that America’s strategy in Iraq must not be based on an “artificial timetable” means that America must not have a strategy in Iraq. It is to say that we’re just sitting back and watching events there unfold according to some natural timetable, some organic timetable unshaped by art or artifice. America is not acting according to a plan or a strategy but is, rather, a spectator to this serendipitous, windblown timetable. Que sera sera.

Military intervention is, by definition, artificial. It means you are relying on military force to force events to occur that would not simply occur naturally without such an emphatic application of artifice. If you’re not willing to force a particular outcome, then you shouldn’t be sending in forces. If you’re not willing to set “artificial timetables,” then you have no business sending in the Army.