I risk repeating myself here, but regardless of your political tendencies, we all have to be proud in this historic occasion. Frankly, I’m surprised this has happened in my lifetime. It was a special moment to have my daughter sit down and watch this speech. Amazingly, from her perspective, this is normal. An African-American presidential candidate? “Duh, what’s the big deal, Dad?”

It was very touching to see the emotion of the older African-American folks in the crowd. They must have been deeply moved in a way that’s simply impossible to measure. Wow.

(Photo:Todd Heisler/The New York Times)


5 thoughts on “History

  1. After the last 8 years I had forgotten that making history could feel good. I couldn’t go to sleep after watching it. Wow indeed.

  2. I agree Zach. It was something to behold. Imagine my kids, who I sat down to watch it as well, seeing this man, biracial, just like them, do something we couldn’t image him doing even a couple of years ago. The intro video with the many pictures of he and his family will do more to normalize mixed families and biracial people here in the US than anyone can now imagine. I know in many places the issue is already passe’. But in many others it is not.

  3. 08ama not only made history last night on precedent, but as a cool, confident leader. It’s not the leader alone in our country, it’s the minds they bring around them. It will be fantastic for minds to surround a President again.

  4. History has been made, and to top it off Senator Obama deliver what was not just the best speech of the convention but the best speech I have ever heard him deliver.

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