Free Download of my Interview with Ken Wilber

Click here to download the chat for free. Click here for some background information on some of the subjects we talk about. I gotta say it was a thrill for me to talk to Ken. To say he has much to knowledge and wisdom to offer is a severe understatement. I would never pay for a podcast, but Ken’s dialogues with his various guests are endlessly fascinating and so this would be an exception to that rule.

Rob Bell Video Interview, Part 1

Rob Bell Interview, Part 1 from Zach Lind on Vimeo.

Just to clarify, the title of Rob’s latest book that he wrote with Don Golden is Jesus Wants to Save Christians. We discuss it quite a bit in this clip but I’m not sure we actually mentioned the title. Sorry for the confusion.

(Update: Thanks to commenter Victor, here is the link for the water crystal experiment that Rob talks about in the chat.)