State of the Union Drinking Game


Take a shot every time our President mentions Katrina in tonight’s State of the Union address.

(Post-speech Update: Bummer. Didn’t even have to crack open my bottle of tequila. I guess everything in the areas devastated by Katrina are “a-ok” according to President Bush. Maybe we should have swigged after each utterance of non-existent words such as “nucular”.)

Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day!


Tonight I enjoyed a little slice of heaven before the Rapture tomorrow. This is the day people!!! 6.6.06 – 0 = 666. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!! If you’re not sure about the Rapture that’s gonna happen tomorrow, watch this video and make sure you keep your eternal destiny in check. As for me, a secular rock drummer, I’ll just be hoping they have Sam Adams on tap in the eternal lake of fire.

Another word of caution: When the shit hits the fan tomorrow, make sure to tune into CNN for all the updates because all the Fox News people will surely be in the arms of their heavenly father.