Rob Bell Video Interview, Part 1

Rob Bell Interview, Part 1 from Zach Lind on Vimeo.

Just to clarify, the title of Rob’s latest book that he wrote with Don Golden is Jesus Wants to Save Christians. We discuss it quite a bit in this clip but I’m not sure we actually mentioned the title. Sorry for the confusion.

(Update: Thanks to commenter Victor, here is the link for the water crystal experiment that Rob talks about in the chat.)


16 thoughts on “Rob Bell Video Interview, Part 1

  1. just watched the vid.
    good stuff, can’t wait to see the second part.

    also. i’m guessing rob’s in a library. and you are in your sitting chair.


  2. Great interview. I enjoyed the image of Rob as a bus driver taking us all into a seedy part of town ;). I also appreciated the book recommendation. It is insightful to hear about his creative process when it comes to teaching or writing.

  3. Zach – Thanks for putting this together. It was fun and interesting.

    Was Rob in a hospital? 🙂 I kept trying to figure out what was going on behind him…


  4. Rob was in a public library somewhere in Grand Rapids. By the way, this is the first segment of three segments. I’m anticipating each segment being roughly 20 minutes.

  5. read the book… so far everything i’ve read, seen, and heard from Rob is great. and i’ve figured out why i’m into it so much, it’s nothing like what i was raised on. thank God. eye opening and refreshing. ever since velvet elvis i’ve had a new appreciation for the “Hebrew Scriptures.”

    thanks Zach.

  6. zach,
    we did a bit more research into
    the water experiment and if you
    google it, i’m told that most of the
    entries deal with whether or not
    it’s a hoax…so i’m not using in
    the teaching this sunday-not
    solid enough. maybe you could
    do a pop up at that point in the
    interview! haha

  7. Hi … If Zach Lind or Rob Bell see this … could you post a link or a reponse to this question. “What does Rob believe regarding ‘Sola Scriptura?’


  8. I loved most of this interview, but I found it after hearing Rob talk about the water crystals experiment in his last Mars Hill sermon, so I guess he now thinks it credible enough to use in a Sunday teaching. I do think it sounds REALLY suspect and probably won’t stand up to double blind studies. It sounds very similar to the water memory ideas and things like homeopathy.

    Anyway I wrote some random thoughts this triggered on my blog. I’m not sure if they even make any sense, but in case anyone is interested 😛

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