Be Kind Rewind – Thumbs Up


We had the day off in Liverpool today so I decided to skip all the Beatles crap and went to a movie. I checked out Be Kind Rewind. I really dug this movie. It’s a very clever and inspiring movie about being creative and doing your own thing with whatever is under the sink or in the garage. Jack Black’s incorrect recollection of the Ghostbuster’s theme song is, on its own, worth the price of your ticket.

(disclaimer update: yes, i love the beatles and they aren’t crap. i’m just not that interested in going to see some venue or studio where they probably never REALLY set foot in. I’ve been to Shea stadium before and I KNOW they’ve played there. so i was over it.)

Mass Exodus

The New York Times has a mildly interesting article today about the trends of religious affiliations in the United States. Check it out here. I don’t think it necessarily tells us anything we didn’t already suspect but it’s a reminder that the landscape of American religion is shifting drastically. For most of us, what we grew up with or became overly familiar with isn’t working.

Newcastle vs Manchester United

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take in my first English Premier League football match. We had a day off in Newcastle so it worked out perfectly. Manchester as expected routed Newcastle. Being able to watch Rooney and Ronaldo was a treat. Two do the best players in the world and they both scored two goals in stellar fashion. The whole experience was fantastic. This sporting event put to shame anything sports related that I’ve experienced in the states. I can definitely see myself becoming an avid follower of the English football. I know quite a bit about the various rosters through my FIFA video games, but being able to actually take in a match brings my interest to a whole new level.

The most impressive aspect of the game was the participation of the Man United fans. Even though they were the visiting team and only took up about 20% of the packed stadium, they collectively made the loudest sound I’ve ever heard from a group of human beings. They stood the entire game while chanting and singing in unison. It blew me away.

Check out the highlights below. Some serious skill on display, no doubt.

“When We Torture”

Nicholas Kristof has a very powerful column out today that highlights our torture and detainment of an Arab journalist at our Guantánamo Bay prison. This entire issue is almost too difficult to consider. It simply makes me nauseous. I couldn’t agree more with Kristof’s conclusion:

To stand against torture and arbitrary detention is not to be squeamish. It is to be civilized.

Check out the National Religious Campaign Against Torture’s website and sign their petition against our country’s policy of torture.

Hillary’s New Negative Ad

Her campaign is in serious trouble. I think they’ve already had 13 debates so far, so to suggest Obama isn’t willing to debate the issues is a pretty hallow claim. I think it’s time she actually consider bowing out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing calls from Democratic party leaders for her to do just that.


(HT: Greg Sargent)