“Banter” into Irrelevance

If these are the types of issues the Republicans want to talk about in this election, this will be a cake walk for Democrats. This clip reminds me of “Freedom Fries” and a bunch of other dumb stuff. Life is simply too short and precious for this kind of shit.



5 thoughts on ““Banter” into Irrelevance

  1. That guy was on Bill Maher’s show last week. What a joke. He used the Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama line as well as several other absurd ‘conservative’ hack tactics. I think Maher just has him on to allow people to see how ridiculous people can be when they choose to disregard their conscience in favor of towing the party line.

  2. Hilarious.

    Part of a bigger point, but does anyone else feel that ultimately patriotism is negative? It means you treat one set of human’s interests ahead of the rest of the world.

  3. J.I., i think you’re right about patriotism ultimately being negative. I believe it’s appropriate and welcomed to shows an appreciation for those who’ve come before us and the overall struggle of those in their country who’ve suffered for the benefit of others. but when it leads to “we are better than them”, this it becomes unnecessary. to accuse someone of not being patriotic enough wreaks of an ethnocentric world-view where we are better than everyone else. it creates a division between nations and as I’ve traveled the world, I’ve never experienced the kind of emphasis on patriotism than I have in my own country.

    I just spent a few weeks in Germany and visited some of the Nurngerg rally sites. The Germans have chosen to leave up much of the Nazi party buildings and ceremonial structures in order to remember that era and allow it to continually confront them with it’s not so rosy history. Needless to say, it’s a stark contrast from the posture of unquestioned, American pride.

  4. The US patriotism is indeed very noticeable as an outsider, and quite uncomfortable as such. I’m happier with you pointing that out than me getting accsuational!

    I don’t want to plagiarise the thoughts of Bill Hicks too much by criticising patriotism, but particularly from your Christian point of view the idea of what you call “ethnocentricism” seems to be in direct contrast with “love thy neighbour”.

    As a slight aside on this I read a story that people are trying to say Barack Obama is not a Christian, it is apparently a lie, but really it shouldn’t matter to a true Christian should it? Likewise any informed and tolerant human being! I get bored of political mudslinging, particularly when its as regressive as that.

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