Hillary’s New Negative Ad

Her campaign is in serious trouble. I think they’ve already had 13 debates so far, so to suggest Obama isn’t willing to debate the issues is a pretty hallow claim. I think it’s time she actually consider bowing out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing calls from Democratic party leaders for her to do just that.


(HT: Greg Sargent)


6 thoughts on “Hillary’s New Negative Ad

  1. It all comes down to the ridiculous loop-holes we call “super delegates”. Even if either candidate wins all of the remaining states, they will not have enough standard delegates to secure the nomination. So the supers get the opportunity to vote in agreement with the popular vote or they can vote according to some other factor (maybe a coin toss, darts, or a game of ethics twister.) Although I love politics and thoroughly enjoy the campaign process, the fact that popular vote could be trumped by individuals with the equivalent of 5000-10000 voters is extremely unnerving. Like many aspects of our voting system (especially the electoral college) I think there needs to be an overhaul.

    On the topic of negative campaigning. Finger pointing and mud slinging leaves me wishing for a viable third party candidate. Unfortunately for us we get only two viable parties. It’s kind of like picking if we would like to be shot in the right kneecap or the left.

  2. adam, all of those polls showing her lead in those states are from before these recent primaries where Obama has picked up a massive amount of momentum. just hold on a sec there…….. 🙂

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