This is a really interesting clip. It eloquently illuminates the ridiculousness of the debate surrounding health care in this country. It boggles my mind that doing what we can as a society to ensure health care for everyone has become such a controversy. This is not a debate about “socialism vs. capitalism” but about priorities. We have plenty of money to alleviate our failure to provide health care for everyone but we like our fighter jets, aircraft carriers and over 700 military bases a little too much to give them up.

It’s on John

I know I’ve been critical of Palin’s unreadiness, pretty often actually. But I’ve tried to always frame it in the context of it being more about McCain’s judgement than Palin’s failure. I find it especially despicable that the McCain staff are piling on her this way. In the end, it makes McCain look all the more reckless. Palin was way out of her league this whole election and McCain knew it. But instead of being a responsible, measured leader, he just bullshitted the American people all the way to November 4th.

If I were McCain, I’d try to reign in some of this nastiness from his staff aimed at Palin. It’s only making him look all the more dishonorable, as if that were possible.