Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

Photo by Platon for The New Yorker

One of the more powerful moments in Colin Powell’s appearance today on Meet the Press was when he talked about a 20 year-old Muslim soldier named Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, who gave his life in military service while on duty in Iraq. He made a point that one can be a Muslim and also a patriot who is willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for this country. It’s really a point that one would think wouldn’t have to be made in 2008, in a country that was birthed from a desire for religious freedom.

It’s interesting that in today’s political climate, a major line of attack coming from the GOP is the possibility that Obama is a Muslim-as if being a Muslim is somehow not consistent with being an upstanding citizen of this country. I’m thankful that Powell, who many in this country admire greatly, made this point today and made it beautifully.

You can see the rest of Platon’s photo series here.

(HT: Jason Linkins)