Portable Crowding

[[image:IMG_6103.jpg::center:0]]My portable life is getting very crowded at the moment. I admit, this picture is one of excess and also exposes how big of a geek i am. the psp, the delphi portable xm player, and the G4 laptop were all gifts, but everything else is money i’d otherwise give to uncle sam. that’s one of the biggest upsides to being an “entertainer” is because most of the cool stuff i buy like tv’s, ipods, cds, dvds, etc…..they are all write offs. if i’d have to chose where i send some money too, i’d rather send it to steve jobs than george w. and his war on a noun.

the ipod on the right was lost, but now is found (amazing grace!!). the sidekick kicks more ass than batman’s robin. i’ve had the psp for about a week now and it’s very impressive. i can put photos, music, and home videos on it. i can’t wait for someone to ask me if i have picture of ava, and see their face when i whip out the psp in all it’s home movie glory. the games on it are fantastic as well. the baseball and soccer games are ace. and of course, last but not least, the g4 laptop that is my home away from home. (not pictured is my canon digi cam because i needed it to take the picture).

it will be interesting to see where technology takes us as we move forward in this age that is becoming more and more portable as it moves ahead. it will also be interesting to see how these kinds of devices will contribute to human evolution. my guess is that people will become better typers at an earlier age, people will take on more and more work…as much as technology allows. humans will most likely become fatter but they will have stronger and more agile thumbs from all the text messaging.

anyone else have any thoughts as to how we are changing as a human race? hit me. Continue reading

Prisoners of War

If you aren’t familiar with the New York Times Op-Ed writer Thomas Friedman, you should be. I first came to know Friedman from an article in Rolling Stone and I was so impressed I went and got most of his books and now I’m a regular reader of his columns in the Times. He is very in tune with the foreign affairs of the United States, especially when it comes to the arab world. He wrote a great column today about the Guantanamo Prisoner of War base that is currently being operated by our government. Check it out here. You may have to register for the nyt online, but it’s free of charge.

Friedman is not opposed to the war on terror and he was actually not opposed to the Iraq war (which i disagreed with him on) but he wants our efforts in the war on terror to be done right. It’s amazing how we’ve held these prisoners captive with no formal charges and due process. not only that, but over 100 prisoners have died in the custody of our military prisons. that seems uncomfortably high to me. my question is how could our president, who claims to be a follower of Jesus allow these types of things to happen. why is he so concerned about the “culture of life” but only when it comes to embryos? what about the culture of life for wrongly accused arabs who are being tortured and beaten regularly. what about the culture of life for the over 100 thousand Iraqi civilians who’ve lost their lives so we can “spread freedom”. I really don’t get it. I have given up understanding this president and his “faith”. He makes the effort to speak out so many issues like gay marriage, sanctity of marriage, culture of life, but only in certain circumstances. A grown woman who raped a 13 year old boy now has married her victim and the president has said nothing. the schaivo case where the decision of of a husband, who has complete medical power of attorney, to take his wife off of a breathing machine after years of suffering was being contested by the white house. so if marriage is sacred, then why the need for the white house to but in?

why aren’t more Christians taking notice of this. Why do we allow our President to have such horrible theology when it comes to his policies and decision making? Continue reading

Grandpa Fred

[[image:Photo-27.jpg::center:0]]We celebrated my Grandpa Fred’s birthday the other day. It was nice to actually be home for a nice big family gathering. My brother Steve and his son Jason came out from SoCal and I also saw my cousin Darren whom I havn’t seen in a really long time. My grandpa is a great man and is a huge influence on me. Not only is he a great man but he’s also a bitter Cubs fan for life. I hate the Cubs but I admire his steadfast dedication even in the face of many years of baseball heartache. Happy Birthday Offa! Continue reading

Civilization Approaches

our house is kind of in the “sticks” of the phoenix area. let’s just say the horse riding by on the sidewalk is a pretty common occurrence. so we don’t have a whole lot of development around here. don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. it’s quiet and sparse which is good, but the drives to get anywhere of interest are kinda of a bummer. with that said, recently there has been a little “relief”. most notably there is a new barnes and noble that just opened up less than 5 minutes away. right around the barnes and noble is a new starbucks, jamba juice, b of a, super target, fatburger, eb games, etc. i realized proclaiming excitement for this makes this probably the lamest post ever on findingrhythm.com, but when you reside in the middle of nowhere, this is big news. Continue reading

Laguna Beach

[[image:avalaguna.jpg::center:0]]We had a great time at Laguna Beach the other day. The fam went to SoCal for a few days for a little work and play. Laguna is a pretty awesome little town and I think it’s my most favorite SoCal beach. There is a great book store there called Latitude 33. I went to check out the religion section and there wasn’t any Joel Osteen so that’s a good sign in my book. They did have some Mclaren and Lamott instead, so what a nice change of pace. Now I am home and will be here for two weeks straight with nuthin’ to do, and I’ll probably keep it that way. Have a trip to Greer, AZ planned where I can continue to do absolutely nothing. If you live in Arizona and haven’t visited Greer, good. Keep it that way cause the less people know about it the better. I’m kidding really, but trust me, there is nothing to like.

That’s it for now I guess. Peace. Continue reading

Tiger, Idol, and the Road

The last few days have been great. I got to go home, went to the doctor, spent time hangin’ out at the house. The yard was in great shape and the flowers were in full bloom. Probably my favorite time at home was sleeping in my bed and lying in the grass in the backyard with my girls. The weather was awesome. It was just what I needed to get me through one last week of tour. Two days ago we were in Tucson, or just outside of Tucson, at the Pima County Fairgrounds. It was pretty rough. Very dusty and lots of people who’ve been drinking WAY too much “Coors”. Billy Idol DID rock the house though and my daughter Ava was pretty impressed i think. She was dancing by herself when Billy played the corresponding song. I was a proud papa. I was a little disturbed that Idol closed with “Money, Money”.

Also, while I was home I picked up the new Mac OS Tiger. While I did this I rememberd a conversation with my good friend John Chandler in which I told him that “Tiger isn’t worth the price.” and “I’m not gonna get this” but who am I trying to kid. I am an addict for this kind of thing. Also, a few of my friends picked it up before I did and I was able to check out it’s benefits first hand. After using it a little bit over the last few days I’ve really been enjoying it and I do feel it was well worth the price. One of the best improvements that I’ve found it that the OS boots up about twice as fast. There’s not much talk about that, but the computer seems much faster. Also, Safari (macs internet browser) has been much improved. It has a built in RSS reader in the browser and has made it, in my opinion, better than Firefox so while I’ll keep Firefox as a browser, I have gone back to Safari as my default.

I’m now back on the road, currently in Santa Clara. My girls are with me and it’s been a fun little family “Rock n Roll” experience. Ava is learning the ropes of “Bus Life” and she’s doing great. It must be in the blood.

Tomorrow we play in Santa Clara at the university here. Dan Kimbal, who emailed me regarding my “New Tune….” post is gonna come down to the show. It will be cool to meet him and get to know him a little bit. He plays a large role in the Emerging Church conversation and is an author with books out about the emerging church. So with that said, maybe….probably he’ll be able to shed some light on what is going on at the moment within the emerging church “conversation”.

that’s it for now, peace. Continue reading

Home in 2 Hours

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now waiting to get on a plane
that will take me HOME. I think its been over a month actually so it
couldn’t have come at a better time. The only bummer is that I’m still
feeling pretty crappy, but hopefully that will pass by the morning. So
in probably about two hours I will crawl into my own bed.
Ahhhh……simple pleasures are pretty fantastic.
We are playing with Billy Idol in Tucson the day after tomorrow and I’m
trying to decide if I should let my daughter Ava experience the “rock”.
I think I know what my decisoin is but I’m willing to take some
suggestions. Anyone? Continue reading


[[image:bowl.jpg::right:0]]so i’m feeling pretty crappy at the moment. i have a nasty cold/fever/headache/tiredness that just sucks to have, especially when on tour. But i did bowl my best game ever last night at the Reno Hilton. A 164. But in my efforts to dominate the lanes, I have paid the price of feeling depleted today. The Reno Hilton is a bizarre place. It’s kinda cool, but i feel like i’m in “The Shining” but imagine a casino in the hotel.

I’m very excited to get home in a few days to see my girls, my bed, my house. i really need to be in my “earthly location”, if only just for a day. After that my family will be with me on the road which will be awesome. a WHOLE MONTH plus together. can’t wait.

on to a completely different subject, i just learned how to check my blog web statistics. what was really cool to see was that over a quarter of those who visited the site were using Mac OS. Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t that WELL OVER market share for Apple. as a lifelong Mac user, that made me smile. also, as you can tell, i can now blog from my sidekick so be expecting a lot more short/random/idiotic stuff from me in the future. peace. Continue reading

A New Tune that Everyone can sing….

[[image:1570627401.jpg::right:0]]I have been reading a book called “A Brief History of Everything” by an American philosopher named Ken Wilber. I would have never stumbled upon this book on my own. I picked it up after a friend recommended it to me. This may be an understatement but this book has blown my mind. In short, in this book Wilber attempts to identify the course of the evolution of our universe as an “unfolding manifestation of Spirit”. It’s a surprisingly accessible look into a universe of sex, soul, and spirit, especially how it pertains to men and women and the human experience. The structure of the book is put into a conversational context, like a q. and a. written entirely by Wilber. It sounds kind of weird but it works really well. After all, this is some complicated stuff that a caveman lawyer like myself shouldn’t be able to pull together, so big ups to Wilber for putting this together in a way any simpleton can understand. (in other words, read the damn book)

As I read the first few chapters of the book, I started thinking about a few of my friends who are involved in the “emerging church”. Now, for the record, I don’t really proclaim to be a member in this “conversation” within the emergent church, as they like to call it. But I do think there are some great people doing some worthwhile thinking and musing about what is to come and how we should approach what lies ahead. In my gut I feel that all churches are emerging at some pace, whether they would like to admit it or not. Whether the destination is better or worse really remains to be seen and will surely vary from community to community.

Anyway, the reason these good people I’ve come to know have popped into my mind is because Wilber writes in this book about a course in which evolution, or “emerging” seems to take when applied to all things. One of the main themes that Wilber uses to describe this “evolutionary impulse” is the idea that if any object is to evolve to a new form it needs to transcend AND include it’s current state in order for the object to progress or move forward to a newer, more complex state. The simplest example he uses is the example of cellular structure. A cell transcends-or goes beyond-its molecular components, but also includes them. Molecules transcend and include atoms, which transcend and include particles….and so on. Additionally, in order for a cell to be a “whole” it NEEDS it’s molecular components to be, to exist, to serve it’s purpose. If a cell loses the molecules that are vital to it’s being, it ceases to exist. This theory doesn’t just apply to physical objects such as cells but it can also be applied to the progression of all things that can be found in our known universe, whether it’s biological, social, spiritual, and cultural. Another example is this: Without what we’ve learned, good and bad, from the modern worldview, we could not emerge or evolve to a post-modern worldview. If we are to literally deny and discredit everything from Modernity, then to arrive at a post-modern worldview is simply impossible. (my head hurts)

One of the things that has made me weary of the Emergent Church is the idea that in order to progress and come to a newer way of seeking God, there needs to be an “abandon ship” attitude when it comes to the current Church culture that is heavily dominated by the Modern worldview. Not all those involved in the emerging church “conversation” feel this way, but there are some fairly loud voices in the conversation that have the life jacket on tight, ready to walk off the plank into some choppy post modern waters, and the storm could very well get worse, who knows?

I think a lot of us can agree that there is something new in the air. It’s exciting, daunting, scary, uncertain….but there is something small sitting on our shoulders that is singing a quiet and new melody, it’s great right? So in a sense I identify with those who are actively trying to learn this new tune. Maybe the new tune needs a better chorus or a really great bridge with better harmonies……in my profession it’s called pre-production. We are a ways away from hitting the big red “record” button and maybe we never will but at least till then we can still sing along if we want. Important too, is that we are not the “songwriter”, we’re here to tap our foot and maybe pick up a six-string and play along if we are lucky. My main point with this illustration is that I am glad that boundaries are being expanded to include new possibilities and anyone who is chasing this tune they hear ever so slightly is a partner, a brother, a sister in this process of moving forward.

But where I scratch my head is where some of those who are seeking this new song out are saying we have to ditch the late greats, the oldies. Of course, some of these old rockers died choking on their own puke and of heroin overdoses, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute to something great. I mean if it weren’t for some of the songs they played, we wouldn’t be able to hear this new tune. We most likely wouldn’t even be listening. It would sound like some weird noise that we are doing our best to ignore while we are in the express line at Wal-mart waiting to pay for some tube socks that were made by some eight year old in a sweatshop, but they were a great buy though….

Ok, maybe I’ve beaten this analogy like a dead horse, but all this to say, we need to include our current Church culture in order to transcend into a new way of seeking God in this community of spiritual risk takers in the Christian Church. Yes, many people have been burned by the current culture. And Jimmy Page probably hasn’t signed all those autographs of those fans that waited outside the club for hours. But if we are honest, we need to face the reality that whether we like it or not, those who are wholly dedicated to the emerging church culture are all products, directly or indirectly, of this modern era of the Christian tradition. We have to accept that this modern tradition has done great things for the Kingdom of God and also has caused severe damage as well, just like any future Christian tradition will do as well, let’s be honest.

So how can we begin to emerge to a newer way and then slam the door on those who are emerging a bit slower than we are? Some in the emerging church claim their modern way of practicing their faith is “broken” and “irreparable” while they forget that they themselves used the exact same rung in the ladder of the Christian experience to get too where they are now. If we are to be welcoming to all brothers and sisters to join in the discussion of what lies ahead, we can’t start by torching their current tradition. It’s simply not nice and more importanly, it discredits those who are ready and eager to “emerge”.

In order transcend or emerge to better understanding of who God is and what he wants for our lives, we need to include not only those who still hang on a bit tighter to the modern tradition, but we have to give their tradition some credit for arriving at this new door that has been slightly cracked open. After all, even though we are emerging to something new, we are products of this Modern culture in which we are moving away from. The Modern worldview by itself may not be applicable anymore but much of what it has taught us will be alive in a newer, more complex, and hopefully more complete way of seeking out who God is and what he means to us and us to him.

Wilber identifies this idea of the including and transcending of all things in the process of emerging forward as “Spirit-in-Motion”. Hopefully as this new age awaits us, it will be more clearly revealed to us how we are to take part in this “Spirit in Motion” and do it with inclusive and humble hearts. Maybe I am being unfair or off base. Maybe I’ve misunderstood some of my brothers and sisters who are part of the emerging church. If so, speak up and correct my misperception. Much love and respect to all, emergent or not, who are singing along to this new tune. Continue reading