A Sign of Unfaith

“Hardcore Calvinists shouldn’t really care about (e.g. be saddened) or debate on blogs about doctrinal error.

They shouldn’t debate it because only the grace of God can lead one out of error. Achieving truth isn’t a work of human effort or intelligence. Thus, what is the point of arguing or trying to use logic in a debate to convince others?

Relatedly, they couldn’t care because if God has left me in error (and bound for punishment) that is all to His glory. Thus, my error is a display of God’s sovereign will and choice and, thus, should be cause for praise and worship. My error only shows how great God is in enlightening the minds of the elect.

Thus, to care or debate is a sign of unfaith. Or, more likely, a sign that the Calvinist doesn’t, in any practical way, actually believe what he is saying.”

— Richard Beck in a comment on his blog Experimental Theology Read the his original post here.