This summer I was interviewed by Scott McClellan from Collide Magazine. Click here to download the article.

TP and the HB

I just watched Peter Bogdanovich’s new film about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers last night. If you are at all a fan of the great TP, then do yourself a huge favor and pick up the dvd (and don’t mess around, get the 4 disc version). the impact of Mr. Petty on the world of American Rock is often grossly underestimated. I think this film recaptures his importance in a very authentic way.

I woke up today in the mood for some Petty…enjoy!

Freddy is First on Ava’s First iPod

I recently received an ipod nano as a gift. I ended up giving it to my 6 year old daughter, Ava. For some strange reason Ava requested that the first song she wanted on her nano was Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (maybe my wife has been rocking some “Queen” in the car while I’ve been gone on tour). I was really surprised because Ava usually is requesting High School Musical or Hannah Montana……needless to say, it was a proud moment. The best sound I’ve ever heard was Ava singing along, with headphones on butchering all the lyrics until the chorus hits…..”WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!!”. priceless. after the song we had a little heart to heart about how Freddy Mercury was probably the best rock singer ever. I had to break it to her that Freddy is no longer with us, and she was pretty bummed. RIP Freddy.

New Kitty Needs a Home….


My family has found a lost kitten and we are now hoping to find a happy home for her. She’s a young kitten and she’s obviously very cute. I’ve been told that she is very sweet and loves to snuggle. We would love to keep her as a new addition to our family, but are simply not able to do so and now we are hoping someone out there would want to welcome her into their home.

leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll contact you.

Good Weekend to be an AZ Jock

First was ASU’s win on the road at Washington State to remain undefeated, 6-0. Shortly after that was the D-Backs win over the Cubs to complete the clean sweep, advancing to the NLCS. Last but not least, and possibly the most unbelievable, the Cardinals win on the road (finally) to put them at 3-2 and in FIRST PLACE in their division. I don’t think that’s happened since I’ve been alive.

Apologies to those of you who have the unfortunate position of rooting for any of these teams that have been dominated by the fine state of Arizona.

Downward Spirals

Over the past few weeks, two blogs (here and here) that I frequent have referenced a book by David Kinnaman (a former Mountain View Toro and older brother of Sherri Kinnaman who I was friends with in high school….Go Toros!!). His book is titled “Unchristian” and I’ve yet to read it but something tells me I should support a fellow Toro and hunt it down.

The book takes a look at the trend of younger generations and their apparent growing hostility towards Christianity. For instance…..

The study shows that 16- to 29-year-olds exhibit a greater degree of criticism toward Christianity than did previous generations when they were at the same stage of life. In fact, in just a decade, many of the Barna measures of the Christian image have shifted substantially downward, fueled in part by a growing sense of disengagement and disillusionment among young people. For instance, a decade ago the vast majority of Americans outside the Christian faith, including young people, felt favorably toward Christianity‚Äôs role in society. Currently, however, just 16% of non-Christians in their late teens and twenties said they have a “good impression” of Christianity.

Andrew Sullivan points out the issue of Christianity’s posture towards homosexuality as a significant contributing factor….and I think he’s right on. Sullivan’s observation here is valuable:

There’s a reason the gay question looms so large. It is very hard to know what we now know about gays and still treat them as the moral pariahs and “disordered” threats to society that Benedict XVI and James Dobson do. And when Christians are known by their fear rather than by their love, the reputation of the faith suffers.

My intention here isn’t to blow open a debate on what we are to believe about homosexuality. I think we’ve covered that base quite enough here on this blog. But I think we do have to ask ourselves about this perception and possibly consider that it is more accurate than American Christians wants fess up to. In my opinion the more vocal leaders of Christians in the U.S. have done a very effective job of creating their own adversaries. Very popular leaders like James Dobson and John Hagee are brilliant in this tactic. They identify their enemies (homosexuality, homosexuals, Islam, planned parenthood, etc.) and then they do their best impersonations of William Wallace on his horse in front of his army, waving his sword in the air, screaming at the injustice of it all, getting the troops pumped up, and psyching their enemies. They are wildly successful in this practice. They have the books sales and political influence to prove it.

I think it might be time for mainstream, American Christianity to seriously recognize that these kinds of tactics are contributing to the facts laid out by David Kinneman. There is a downward spiral happening in the church and the top brass are out of touch. Instead of considering that their tactics have been a detriment, they just do their best to acquire a taller horse, a bigger sword, and scream all the more louder. What they don’t realize is that the rear lines of their army are heading for the hills and aren’t at all interested in their war.

From my perspective, there is a very strong parralell that can be drawn between the downward spirals of both the church and the music business. With the recent news of the RIAA successfully suing a woman for illegally downloading music, I can’t help but see more enemies made and in the long run, the RIAA will badly lose the war they want so desperately to fight.

What are the solutions? I’m not entirely sure but maybe Kinneman’s book will have a few answers. As for the music business, I think making good music and treating fans with respect will probably go a long way. Maybe conditions for both the music industry and American Christianity need to get much worse first before they start to improve. Also, I can’t shake these annoying little words by Jesus…

You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.”
But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?
Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

It is when I read these words that I know I am merely practicing my faith (very poorly) and not living it as I should. Perhaps these words lead us to a solution, but not towards the conventional success we desperately crave but the towards a more hidden, unconventional success we need in order to live full lives.