Free-Market News Bias

“Contrary to conspiracy theories on the right and the left, there is no cabal at the top that runs the media. Each of our media outlets winds up supplying what its customers want. If the New York Times and Washington Post are more liberal than Joe Sixpack, that’s because their customer base is also. Fox News is in the same position on the right. If you think a particular media outlet is biased, then stop whining and just switch to another one!”

— William Easterly, Professor of Economics, NYU, from The Arena

New Podcast Episodes with Shane Hipps and Yours Truly

Click here to subscribe to a new podcast feed for a podcast Shane Hipps and I participate in. We used to do podcasting for Wired Parish but Wired Parish has now gone out of business so we will now post dialogues up with this new feed for free.

We posted three “lost” episodes we did a while back but never got around to publishing. In these three episodes we discuss politics and faith and how the two intermingle. I think you’ll find Shane’s thoughts insightful. Enjoy.

Free Fall Through the Hole of Your Fear

Unadorned suffering is the bedmate of masculine growth. Only by staying intimate with your personal suffering can you feel through it to its source. By putting all your attention into work, TV, sex, and reading, your suffering remains unpenetrated, and the source remains hidden. Your life becomes structured entirely by your favorite means of sidestepping the suffering you rarely allow yourself to feel. And when you do touch the surface of your suffering, perhaps in the form of boredom, you quickly pick up a magazine or the remote control.

Instead, feel your suffering, rest with it, embrace it, make love with it. Feel your suffering so deeply and thoroughly that you penetrate it, and realize its fearful foundation. Almost everything you do, you do because you are afraid to die. And yet dying is exactly what you are doing, from the moment you are born. Two hours of absorption in a good Super Bowl telecast may distract you temporarily, but the fact remains. You were born as a sacrifice. And you can either participate in the sacrifice, dissolving in the giving of your gift, or you can resist it, which is your suffering.

By eliminating the safety net of comforts in your life, you have the opportunity to free fall in this moment between birth and death, right through the hole of your fear, into the unthreatenable openness which is the source of your gifts. The superior man lives as this spontaneous sacrifice of love.

— David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man

Memo to Record Company Execs

Don’t be afraid to fly coach when your business is tanking. Take a page from Bill Keller, the Executive Editor of the New York Times:

The Times offered buyouts and cut a small number of newsroom employees earlier this year. It also is leaving some positions open.

Those kinds of cuts are rare the Times, which employs more than 1,000 people in its news operation. That number was once common to large dailies, but is shrinking at many papers as advertising revenue declines force cutbacks.

Keller told employees they will have to live on the lean side. “A deep, sustained recession will mean the search for savings and the quest for new revenues continues, that there will be no luxuries and little comfort.”

The same goes for him, Keller noted. “I was flying back from California the week before last and by chance I was seated next to someone from the advertising department of the Times. (In economy class, for the record),” he said.

You can read the entire story right here.