Blog is in the Backseat

[[image:backseat.jpg::center:0]]Right now the blog is probably my 37th most favorite thing in my life. I got plenty of things rattling around in my brain but not enough time to spit them out. My schedule has probably been more intense in the past few weeks and months to come than ever before. Blogging, in my opinion, is better when you’re really bored. Right now, I’m totally not bored and blogging seems more a nuisance than a pleasure. I’m alive, life is good but still really confusing. So nothing has really changed. Adios ’till later. Continue reading


[[image:stmaryabbottchurch.jpg::right:0]]so we’ve arrived in the UK and it’s great to be back. we’ve spent the last few days in London, one of my favorite places on earth. We are staying in Kensington which is pretty great. We don’t normally stay in this part of town but I have really enjoyed it. The park is near by and there is tons of stuff to do. we didn’t have a whole lot going on the last few days so i took it easy mostly. i took in a movie, Hotel Rwanda which was a really great film. It is such a great story to learn more about and it’s awesome that it is doing so well and getting a large ammount of recognition. I’ve been wanting to go to Africa for that past few years and this movie give me a deeper longing to do so. How can we love the most marginalized parts of the world without going there and showing ourselves and our willingness to help, hang out, get to know them. I gotsa go!

the last few days i’ve felt a bit under the weather. just trying to shake a cold. i think two nights of solid sleep have helped my functionality bigtime. I actually have coherent conversations with my wife now on the phone. It’s great when your brain really works!! it has been cold and damp in London so I tried to stay in a healthy ammount of the time. I’m really looking take in the city more when my girls get here. The bummer about staying in is that hotels, not to mention everything in londong, is not cheap. it was $40 for 24 hours of wi-fi. now i love wi-fi as much as the next guy, but C’MON!! that’s just evil. i just recently purchased a t-mobile sidekick on which i recieve my email, instant messages, and can also browse (slow but at least paid for). i think the sidekick has paid for itself since i’ve been in europe because my hotel bills have been pretty slim. it saves me $80 in london alone. i’m really liking the sidekick. the best funtion on it is a game called navy commander which is a rip off of the game battleship. the awesome thing is that you can challenge your sidekick owning homies to a battle whenever they are on the gprs signal. i’ve had some pretty good battle with my friend and drum tech reno.

Today we are in a town Norwich at some college, i’m not sure the name. They had a Waterstone’s book store on campus where I picked up some blind reading. One book was called “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino and another is a book called “New Beginnings” which is a book that has compiled the first chapters from some books written by a few fairly notable writers. The proceeds benefit the various tsunami charities. Hornby, Feilding, Ian Mcewan, Stephen Kind, etc…..should be cool and it’s a pretty cool idea.

Two other references to mention. First is my homeboy JJ Peterson. He is has started a blog called “Don’t Sqeeze the JJ” which is probably the coolest blog name i’ve come across to date. check it out. Second is a band called Rogue Wave. They opened for us in Berlin and were awesome. I got there album on iTunes and have been listening to it everyday. Good stuff.

That’s pretty much it for now. Sniffles Be Gone!! Continue reading


it’s COLD. i don’t think i’ve ever been in this kind of weather for this long before. this tour has been pretty tiring as well. we started with shows in nine straight nights which is rock n’ roll suicide after taking a month off. usually we only have 4 nights straight at the most so it’s been pretty brutal. but the tour has gone really well so that really keeps us going.

amsterdam was amazing. when we rolled into town the whole city was covered in snow. there were snowball fights breaking out all over the city. apparently it hasn’t snowed this much in amsterdam for 50 years. my friend rick posted an awesome photo here. my arm is still sore from throwing so many snowballs. when we stepped off the bus at the club we were immediately attacked by little kids with snow balls. it was war man. we hit up maos fallafel and also went to an amazing belgium beer bar and tasted some of the best beer. when it hit’s your lips… tastes so good!!

Berlin seemed to be even more cold than Amsterdam but there was less snow. We had a day off finally and I checked out a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum. It was really an amazing exhibit. It made me want to dig into some of his earlier films like “Paths of Glory” and “Dr. Strangelove”. I know most of his later work but never really looked to his earlier career.

I made the jump from amazing cinema to sub par hollywood filmaking as I stepped into the local theater to see “Constantine”. I guess it made the time go by a little faster and some good effects, but kinda disappointed. All in all Berlin was pretty cool.

Now we are in Munich, it seems even colder. I want to go check out the city but it’s just too damn cold so I’m on an indoor policy today. Plus, some of the crew are getting sick so want to try and stay warm and healthy.

The countdown to London is starting in my brain. Can’t wait to see my girls in London!!! That’s it for now, check back later. Continue reading

Wilco Alert

I am a huge Wilco fan. They are band from Chicago and have been around for long time now. In my estimation, they are probably one of the most important bands around today. They write such great soul stirring music with so much depth, you can never really get enough.

They have a live concert available to listen to from the All Music Considered website. If you just can’t wait for that Backstreet Boy’s Album to shake your bones, then you can listen here right now. I am not sure where or when it was recorded but it’s fairly recent as they showcase some songs off of their newest album in the concert. Check it out now and thank me later. Continue reading