The Heartbeat


I just left South Africa yesterday and have been reflecting on my time there. I figured at this point I’d have this massive amounts of information about my trip to share, but for some reason all I can do is reflect on how this experience has shaped me….and that’s unclear to this point.

One impression that I can’t shake is the sense that Africa is the heartbeat of our world. I know this may be a silly conclusion considering I only visited South Africa and that there is the rest of this massive continent to experience. I can’t really explain it, but from what others who have shared with me their experience in Africa, maybe I can now understand them a bit better now.

Maybe it’s this crippling tension that the most beautiful place on earth is also a nest for the most evil ugliness of man. It’s a contradiction that your heart can’t help but root itself into, and therefore, in a sense, you may never leave even if you’ve gotten on a plane and flown away. I pray that this is the case. I pray that I can play a tiny part in burying this contradiction and putting it where it belongs. In the grave.

And the award for “way too much free time on their hands” goes to……

and the winner is……..some dude named Ken.

i still have no clue as to why these people are concerned about anything having to do with me. on the bright side for me…..the more irked evangelical fundamentalists get by me, the less doubt I have that I’m headed in the right general direction. if anyone else wants to get on their hit list, apparently all you have to do is hang out with me. i’m glad i could be of service to rob and tony.

it was pretty nice of them to put up a youtube clip of us though. we can use all the promo we can get! i’d return the favor, but couldn’t find any clips of Ken on youtube…..bummer.

On my way to South Africa

I’m currently at Heathrow Airport enjoying a 6 hour layover. I just got off a 10 hour flight and I now wait to enjoy one more 10 hour flight to Jo-burg. I am beyond pumped up to experience my first trip to the African continent. I’m planning on snapping a ton of photos and I’ll post them throughout the trip.

(memo to europe: wifi is not that expensive. it should be free….or at least not $15 per hour, especially in airport lounges. i will now proceed to consume at least $20 worth of free beverages in the lounge to make up for this injustice.)