Below the Tsunami

I was forwarded an amazing email from a friend of a friend of a friend. It describes a very real, personal, unique encounter with the devastating natural force that has caused such harm in Asia. This email comes from a survivor of the disaster who, ironically, survived by simply staying underwater with the help of scuba gear. Check this out: Continue reading

Recotourism for Asia


It’s really been hard to wrap my head around what’s happening in Asia at the moment. it’s so incredibly devastating that it’s hard to know where to start. whether i’m praying, pondering, wondering what I can do to help….it’s like i get lost in the enormity of this emergency. to hear that over 100,000 people have lost their lives, and those who are left have lost the world they knew. to also consider the disease that will surely follow…’s really heart-shattering.

I really like what Will Samson had to say on his blog about how we could approach the relief effort. I love the idea of “Recotourism” and I hope it’s something we can all consider being a part of. Check out some info about this at Continue reading

NYC on New Years Eve

I am taking off tomorrow for NYC and i’ll be spending New Years in Times Square. Not for pleasure, but for work. This will be quite the departure from my normal New Year’s tradition of drinking lots of beer and wine and watching Dumb and Dumber in my basement. I have never been one to hit the town and party ’till the ball drops. I much prefer staying away from automobiles as much as possible. This year will be a definite departure, to say the least. I have to admit spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square wouldn’t really ever be something I’d do on my own accord, but now that i have been roped into it, it’s one of those things I can cross off my “to do” list before I kick the bucket. Worst case scenario, there will be a massive terrorist attack on Times Square and I’ll be dead, or disfigured. Best case scenario, I’ll have a little tid bit to tell the grandkids when I am a geezer.

Here is to a safe New Year’s Celebration to you all!!!


Zach Continue reading

Welcome Let the Good Times Roll

so here is my new blog.  i’ve have officially left both teshuva
and blogger in the dust.  thanks to john helping me make the
switch to quickblogs.  it’s been fun for me to learn a more hands
on approach in using pivot.  everything is not exactly how i would
like, but it’s good for now.  please do let me know if you have
any suggestions on how i could improve the blog.

i felt i would kick off the new blog with an image of my fabulously
marvelous daughter ava.  isn’t she marvelous?  she is 3 going
on dianna ross.  if you can think of it, please pray for her daddy
in about 13 years.  or you could make a contribution to help
kick-start daddy’s non existent gun collection. 



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Global Tragedy–

unless you’ve stayed away from internet news sources or tv news channels, you have seen the incredible devastation that has impacted asia in a tragic and terrible way. i think the count as of now is over 12,300 dead. obviously, asia needs our prayers and our active attention. i have been kind of surprised how little we hear about what’s going on over there from all of our “news leaders”. this is a global, moral, spiritual issue that hasn’t really shocked our country into the kind of compassionate response that we should expect from ourselves. maybe because it seems like it’s so far away, or it’s happened to people of a different nationality than us. maybe because these types of things always happen to places where the people aren’t white. i’ve been thinking about this today. we were in the e.r. and on the t.v. was a golf skills challenge. while thousands of people were being wiped out, we watched golf. at first i didn’t think anything of it, but then reading the story of the events and seeing images of how people lives are either being ended or devastated at best… can we feel ok about watching dudes compete in a golf “skills challenge” on nbc. and how can i complain to my wife that the cardinals game, on channel 10, was coming in all fuzzy which is why we watched golf in the first place. in a perfect world, we would halt our thoughts about ourselves and our own comfort and pray, talk, think about how we can come together as a more fortunate global friend and reach out with relief and aid to a hurting global neighbor. i’m guilty as charged and now i can only pledge my sorrow and thoughtfulness for asia. i pray that through this, God can bring more healing unity to asia and the rest of the world.

if anyone comes across a worthy organization that we can donate towards this tragedy, please list any you find in the comments section.

Not Following God–


this was the scene at our house this christmas. to say it was a great christmas might be stretching it a bit. to be honest, it’s been pretty impossible to really enjoy. holly, my wife who is 7 weeks pregnant has been very ill with nausea and vomitting. she is pretty much in bed with little or no energy. it’s gotten to the point where we are going ot the hospital every morning for her to recieve i.v. fluids to keep from getting dehydrated. she is in such discomfort that it’s really hard to get amped about anything. the only thing that makes it fun for us to our daughter ava and seeing how she has been so excited for the day to come.

we are so fortunate to have our daughter ava, who brings such a brightness in such a dark time.

we woke up this morning and watched her open her presents, my in-laws then showed up and off we went to the hospital for holly to get some “food”. we left around 9:30 and it was such a bummer, having to leave the fun of christmas morning to go to the hospital. we got there and holly got hooked up to the i.v. and we sat there reading, talking. i noticed an older man, probably in his late 70’s in a bed, by himself, sort of half way asleep. even though he looked relaxed and peaceful, he seemed lonely. i almost just walked up to him to see how he was doing, just to say “hey”. i know he was admitted yesterday because he had just gotten in when we were there. i don’t remember anyone being there with him or waiting on him so it just really hit me hard while i was sitting there with holly. maybe this guy is totally and compeletly alone on christmas. no one by his bedside, being there with him. no one talking to the nurses asking what’s next, what’s going on. just him, by himself in a very empty pre surgery prep room.

holly had finished the i.v. and we were the only people left to leave, besides the man who was alone. we got into the car and drove home. when we arrived we found many family members getting ready for the meal, cleaning the house (which was a total mess cause i was the one in charge domestically for the time being), watching ava. it was truly the best gift we could have recieved. the funny thing is when every one left in the afternoon, our house was as clean as a whistle. usually you host a family get together and by the end, it’s not a pretty sight. not today, it looked as if martha stuart and the anal retentive chef went in on a planned event. i said good-bye to everyone as they drove off, walked back into the house on pick up/clean mode……but there was literally NOTHING left to do. what a family.

even thought the trip at the hospital was a pain in the ass, the experience this morning was like God telling us how great we have it with so many around us who love us enough to clean our house, cook us food, and give us presents. i also felt as if God was nudging me to talk to that man, just to say hello, do you need anything? i felt like an selfish prick leaving that man alone, the sole patient, in the whole unit. hopefully i’ll see him tomorrow morning and get another chance. praise God for sharpening our being, for giving us the chance to follow him……in this case, follow him to the lonely patient.

if any of you can think of it, please pray for holly. i am thinking it will take an act of God, literally, for her to improve. thanks and happy holidays to everyone and merry christmas to those who have a hissy when people don’t specify christmas as the “real reason for the season”. get over it, Jesus was born in march.

Fake Plastic Tree–

i must admit, my whole life i have been a christmas tree snob of sorts. i always snorted under my breath whenever i would see someone who put up a fake tree during the holidays. it seemed like such a half assed way to do christmas. i am not sure where this tree snobbery came from, but too this day, my dad has never allowed a fake tree into the home, much to the dismay of my mom, and so i think i have a pretty good idea that it’s not really my fault. it’s obviously in my dna.

this year we started out as planned. i was going out of town on the first of december so we got up early on the day i was going to leave to get a tree. we drove to home depot, spent $60 on a fantastic looking tree… was such a magical moment in the home depot parking lot. we took it home, i set up the stand, fill the stand up with water. i packed, went out the door and that would be the last time i was to see our tree in it’s full majesty, sitting in our living room with a scent that filled the house that only meant one thing… is coming.

for some reason this tree hated water. my wife and daughter gave it so much water, it died. it didn’t even make it 2 weeks.

after all this, i ended up doing what was the unthinkable in the lind family….i went to target and purchased a fake tree. i totally sold out my christmas spirit to the convenience of a brand new fake plastic tree. maybe thom yorke went through the same dilemma.

now, after purchasing the tree, i am starting to see the benefits. first, they are much safer (especially with a very active 3 year old in the house). secondly, you can use them year in and year out (no more 50-80 bucks a pop at the tree lot). it’s much easier on the roof of my car. there are no thin spots, it’s less flammable, etc…..

anyway, i knew all these things before i made the switch, but this is clearly a case of the behavior shaping the doctrine. it’s like pee-wee herman saying “i meant to do that”.

i guess i can’t beat myself up too much. if i really want to consider myself old school, i would have taken a trip up to the mountains with an axe. how is buying a real, nearly dead tree in a parking lot of a home depot any more soulless than picking up a fake tree at target? at least it wasn’t wal-mart, right?

the main thing, as you can tell by the photo, is that it doesn’t look half bad and my daughter doesn’t notice the difference one bit.

Ho Ho Ho!–

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i have six, count ’em, SIX gmail invites. the gmail has been made even sexier by allowing pop access through the email program of your choice. i use mac’s “mail” program and i have it working very nicely. if anyone is interested, let me know.