Newcastle vs Manchester United

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take in my first English Premier League football match. We had a day off in Newcastle so it worked out perfectly. Manchester as expected routed Newcastle. Being able to watch Rooney and Ronaldo was a treat. Two do the best players in the world and they both scored two goals in stellar fashion. The whole experience was fantastic. This sporting event put to shame anything sports related that I’ve experienced in the states. I can definitely see myself becoming an avid follower of the English football. I know quite a bit about the various rosters through my FIFA video games, but being able to actually take in a match brings my interest to a whole new level.

The most impressive aspect of the game was the participation of the Man United fans. Even though they were the visiting team and only took up about 20% of the packed stadium, they collectively made the loudest sound I’ve ever heard from a group of human beings. They stood the entire game while chanting and singing in unison. It blew me away.

Check out the highlights below. Some serious skill on display, no doubt.


2 thoughts on “Newcastle vs Manchester United

  1. Forgive me for dominating your blog!

    I’m delighted you enjoy our national sport, and how nice to see an American call it “football” 😉

    I’m sorry to say I have the common inbuilt irrational loathing of Man U, something 90% of the UK is born with. I’d urge you, if you haven’t already, to support a different team! That said they have been fantastic for a long time and when Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Carrick etc are on song they are frightening.

    Sadly the big story yesterday was the horror injury to an Arsenal striker called Eduardo (Brazilian born, Czech Republic player). Double compound fracture to his shin, sickening (think Joe Theismann). I just hope he can make a come back, he’s only 24. Arsenal play the most pretty football and when they’re on song its like they’re the only team playing. They tend not to be as efficient at winning as Man U though. I’m not really a “fan”, but they’re special.

    The beauty of football as opposed to the US sports is the worldwide appeal; the best of our clubs compete against the best teams from all over Europe; as well as the domestic league and two domestic cup competitions. It is truly global, and as for noise, the Africa Cup of Nations has to be one of the most incredible audio experiences ever, constant chanting, you can hardly tell a difference when a goal goes in!

    That said I am a new convert to the NFL, v impressive stuff, amazing athletes – I want to BE Julius Peppers!

  2. Zach it saddens me that you had to see Newcastle in such poor form, you missed out on Michael Owen (One of the greatest English Strikers ever!) playing to his potential. It’s tough being a striker when you don’t have service. I am glad you got to experience the atmosphere with the Magpies, they are very devoted to the team.

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