Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day!


Tonight I enjoyed a little slice of heaven before the Rapture tomorrow. This is the day people!!! 6.6.06 – 0 = 666. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!! If you’re not sure about the Rapture that’s gonna happen tomorrow, watch this video and make sure you keep your eternal destiny in check. As for me, a secular rock drummer, I’ll just be hoping they have Sam Adams on tap in the eternal lake of fire.

Another word of caution: When the shit hits the fan tomorrow, make sure to tune into CNN for all the updates because all the Fox News people will surely be in the arms of their heavenly father.

We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!!

D8GU2GI83_preview.jpgYou would think from all of Dick Cheney’s bad-ass, hard-nose posturing that he’d be able to get it to the catcher from on top of the mound. From the looks of this photo, he’s probably giving himself about a 10 yard head start to the catcher. The news reports say that he recieved boos from the crowd. I wonder if it was for his policies or his rag arm?

This brings to light my favorite thing about George W. Bush. That would be the fact that he probably has the best throwing arm of any recent president and, as demonstrated at the 2001 World Series, he can hit the glove from the rubber.


Just look at that sweet release point!!

I love opening day. In about an hour Holly and I will be enjoying the first home game at the newly named “Chase Field” to watch the Diamondbacks. Play Ball!