Rob Bell Video Interview, Part 3

Rob Bell Interview, Part 3 from Zach Lind on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Rob Bell Video Interview, Part 3

  1. yo man,

    i’m a huge rob bell fan, sometimes I think a little too huge. i’m always reading his books the day they come out, i follow his sermons, and i’ve even read most of his books on his reccomended reading list. I’d love to get some training from him in person for a few months or something but I’m sure the list of people who would want that is really long. i’m a seminary student right now at a conservative seminary and i notice that rob is always 10 steps ahead of the game. i appreciate that about him, my guess is that he is smoking what he is selling. it’s nice to see him interact with friends and stuff, to me it shows his normalcy or whatever. hey man, i was wondering if you ever get a chance. I would love to know what he reccomends for books on preaching. i’ve heard him talk about communication theory and also i read hipps book but i was wanting something specifically to do with preaching. if at any point you could ask him what books he would reccomend on preaching i would love that. thanks for keeping it real bro.

  2. love the way this is so natural, compared to the interviews you usually see with Rob. Cant wait for the new book and tour, hopefully in the UK!

  3. Thanks Zach for putting up this interview. Great stuff.

    And “flickering pixels” is just fantastic. The book had the opposite effect on me though, I had to put it down after every chapter just to reflect on it… I wanted to keep reading but I knew it was worth my time to sit with first.

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