Father Richard

Father Richard Rohr is someone who has been really having a huge impact on me lately. I’ve just finished his book “Everything Belongs” and it has reshaped many of my thoughts on what it means to be a person of faith. I would compare the impact this book has had on me to the way Dallas Willard’s “Divine Conspiracy” crashed into my soul like a wrecking ball. Of all the books I’ve read, these two are ones that I feel it necessary to revisit regularly through the course of my life. I googled “Richard Rohr” and found this great site that is the home site for The Center for Action and Contemplation that Rohr founded in 1987. I’m really into this section of the site where Rohr jots down his thoughts on different things going on in the world. Hopefully Father Rohr will find the benefits of blogging soon. I’m assuming all of his books are great, but if anyone has read his other stuff, let me know what I should go for next.


5 thoughts on “Father Richard

  1. Nope…never heard of him…just wanted to comment because it said, “no comments yet.”
    I am amazed though, at how many people love Divine Conspiracy AND Blue Like Jazz. If you have read one, you have read the other I suppose. Anyway nice to meet you.

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