Life’s Hidden Wholeness

“Spiritual truth often seems self-contradictory when judged by conventional logic. Where logic wants to separate and divide, the seeker looks for what Thomas Merton called life’s “hidden wholeness,” the underlying unity of all things. Logic assumes that whatever violates the rules of rationality cannot possibly be true. Spirituality assumes that the deeper our questions go, the less useful those rules become. The spiritual life, whose territory is the nonrational, not the irrational-proceeds with a trembling confidence that God’s truth is too large for the simplicity either-or. It can be apprehended only by the complexity of both-and.”

— Parker Palmer, The Promise of Paradox

One thought on “Life’s Hidden Wholeness

  1. This is the only Parker Palmer book I have read, but it resonated with me a lot. Pretty simple and powerful argument for something looking like universalism, with emphasis on the uni. Great quote.

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