The Naked Gospel

I recently received a free PDF version of Andrew Farley’s book “The Naked Gospel.” Out of curiosity, I cracked open my Kindle to get a taste. After getting 36 pages into the book, I had to put it down. Here’s why:

“So what do Saul of Tarsus, Martin Luther, and Mother Teresa all have in common? They all appear to have wrestled under a religious system that brought them no enduring sense of satisfaction or accomplishment, but only misery. Their methods of propitiating and thereby approaching their God ultimately led to a deep sense of failure. Having exerted more effort than nearly any of us will ever expend, they probably found themselves saying, “How much is enough? When will it end? Why is God still not satisfied? When do I get to relax and enjoy? There’s got to be another way.”

So apparently if one struggles with one’s faith or has doubts or is weary in any way, their faith provides them with no satisfaction at all, only bring into their lives an unending misery. If you want to hear Farley talk about the book in more detail, you can watch this video and also check out his sweet t-shirt.


4 thoughts on “The Naked Gospel

  1. Thanks, this kills me, especially after watching some of that video. The hubris of some of these guys who can come out and write books attempting to undercut Mother Teresa, of all people. I was going to keep being cynical but I’ll restrain myself.

  2. I don’t think he is trying to “undercut” or mock any of those people. He is saying that all three of them, at some point in their life came to a realization that you do not have to try and please God, but that if you believe in the Gospel, then God is already pleased with you because of Jesus.

    Especially in the case of Martin Luther, he was in agony trying to pay off his sins to an angry capricious God until he read the Book of Romans and found that God is not looking for our begrudging submission, but for our heart. Religion in it’s fullest says that God loves you when you obey Him, but the Gospel say that God already loves you because Jesus obeyed.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s undercutting their efforts. Maybe try and reread the sentiments he attributes to them.

      But I’m curious, isn’t “believing in the Gospel” a way to please God? Is God equally pleased with us if we don’t “believe the Gospel”?

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