John McCain Is A Really Bad Campaigner

First, let me make it clear that I am very much rooting for John McCain in his primary campaign against J.D Hayworth. While I’m not a huge McCain fan, I’m even less of a Hayworth fan so for the good of all I’ll do my best to root for the better of two not-so-good choices. Unfortunately for those supporting McCain, he really is a terrible campaigner. On the other hand, Hayworth is smooth, well spoken and sharp. While he’s dead wrong on many issues, his tv and radio background come in handy.

To try to stave off Hayworth and his growing momentum, McCain is just flip-flopping his ass off. I certainly hope it works but even if McCain wins, he’s really being exposed for the kind of political weakling he really is. Here are two related stories on McCain’s recent change of heart and/or straight up deceptions on his record. Matt Yglesias highlights McCain’s TARP confusion here and examines his U-turn on the immigration issue here.


2 thoughts on “John McCain Is A Really Bad Campaigner

  1. I agree with you about being pro Mccain over Hayworth. It’s sad to see Mccain going against his beliefs to appeal to this new neo-conservative agenda everyone has latched onto.

    Hayworth proves to be an expert you either have to know everything or nothing about a subject. But he does know how to fire off the buzzwords and phantom issues as well as anyone.

    It makes me wonder if even the politicians are subscribing to the falsehoods because they believe them or they’re still putting on a show to control the masses. Not sure which is worse either way.

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