Episode #1 – Evangelism in 2010

dsc_0087The first episode of the Finding Rhythm Podcast is up. In this first episode I introduce the podcast and I talk a little bit about evangelicalism in today’s world. Typically I’ll be posting any show notes and links for each episode right here on the Finding Rhythm blog.


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Thanks for listening and make sure to leave a comment here if you have any suggestions for how I can make the podcast better or if you have any reaction to the content.


3 thoughts on “Episode #1 – Evangelism in 2010

  1. We can launch a drum battle podcast. I will be the traditional drummer and you the experimental one and discuss through drumming different takes on theology and church.

  2. Good thoughts for the first one. I have never been a fan of how so many “do” evangelism. It really depends on where the motivation for it comes from. If we are motivated to “save people from eternal damnation” we will approach evangelism differently than if we are motivated by the desire to show them the love that blesses our lives. Not sure where we go with this, but it is a good jumping off point. Keep it up!

  3. Dan,

    You should join me on the podcast. Would love to discuss this topic with you. After all, the drum battle would just be too unfair! 😉


    Thanks for the note. I’m definitely going to get into the idea of “motivation” very soon.

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