Welcome to Paradise!


(HT: James F. McGrath)


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Paradise!

  1. that’s pretty darn funny.
    i’ve shared that with a couple of people who forward along their republican talking points emails to me and have yet to hear any responses.


  2. I too have this problem of taking literally that which most know to be merely figurative.

    I read the wages of sin is death but, the gift of God is eternal life.

    However, the rest of Christianity is hip to the wages of sin actually not being death but is instead it’s eternal life in torment. Even the “second death” mentioned in Revelations is apparently no death either.

    With a mega-theme of the Bible being life versus death, and eternal life in Jesus being juxtaposed against death in so many verses, how did we come up with the reality being God meant to say the wages of sin, compared to His gift, is not death but rather WHERE one will live in eternity?

    I’m too deadly literal and eternally confused!

  3. Sorry for another thought on my literal failures of understanding but, what good would our selling all possessions/Kingdom work accomplish if it would just hasten Jesus’ return and the neat tucking into hell of all the miserable masses?

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