Emerging Denialism

“It’s true that the ’emerging church’ term is fading….”

Tall Skinny Kiwi

It’s fascinating to read TSK and his fellow “Emerging/Emergent” deniers. What’s fascinating, especially in TSK’s case, is that for a term he keeps saying is dead or “fading,” he can’t seem to stop writing about it. TSK has posted thirteen posts on “emerging” topics since March 26th. More than half his posts on his front page are “emerging” related. It’s like he’s sitting in a house being consumed by a raging fire and continually repeating, “I think it’s just about out now, right?” TSK, if you’re not using the term anymore then you could have fooled me. 😉

Seems like they’re still not taking my advice. Sigh….


One thought on “Emerging Denialism

  1. So I’ve heard this from a few folks, both friends and opponents.

    It seems to me that the emerging church is about show those with postmodern commitements the Jesus we love.

    Neither Jesus nor postmodernity are going anywhere.

    Call the movement to show anti-foundationalist generations Jesus whatever you want.

    Looks emergent to me.


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