Divine Ignorance

Enlightenment is not “omniscience” but “ascience”–not all-knowing but no-knowing–the utter release from the cramp of knowledge, which is always of the world of form, when all you are in truth is formless. Not the cloud of knowing, but the cloud of unknowing. Not divine knowledge, but divine ignorance. The Seer cannot be seen; the Knower cannot be known; the Witness cannot be witnessed. What you are, therefore, is just a free fall in divine ignorance, a vast Freedom from all things known and seen and heard and felt, an infinity of Freedom on the other side of knowledge, an eternity of Release on the other side of time.

— Ken Wilber, One Taste


4 thoughts on “Divine Ignorance

  1. what is really liberating is gaining some freedom from terms such as “omniscience,” which is not a biblical term, and realizing that eternity is not conceptually open to us, nor is something like omniscience, and despite anything that God might have in those categories, we won’t quite get there, and it does no good to appeal to such man-made ideals (Plato-made ideals) in trying to wrest truth from the soup of daily existence.

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