Woman in Wheel Chair Gets Shouted Down at Health Care Townhall

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

I am not really sure what to say. All I can do is hope that those who are so bitterly opposing health care reform have momentarily completely lost their shit. They yell down a woman in a in a wheel chair who is fearful of losing her home as a result of her medical expenses while they have nothing to say to CEO’s of health insurance companies like this guy who make over ten million dollars per year.

It’s telling that folks are more afraid of longer wait times than they are that everyone receives health care. It’s like we are in the 2nd grade.


4 thoughts on “Woman in Wheel Chair Gets Shouted Down at Health Care Townhall

  1. That is so frustrating. I have conversations about this issue regularly and people are fully polarized. I would consider myself a moderate on this issue, and there seems to be no room for my opinion regardless of who I talk to. Makes me wanna drag Glenn Beck into the octagon…

  2. Terrifying, depressing, shameful. Be ashamed America!

    It is testament to the power of your media that the right can vilify something so reasonable to the point that people will scream and hold placards against it without ever considering what it means.

  3. To me the tragedy is that the issues are just exposing the poor values that people have had for a long time. The guy that says he should have the same rights as the woman in the wheel chair has obviously never been stuck in a wheel chair. I wish for those poor crazy people that they could meet Claire, she could sure teach them a few things that I think they have forgotten about.

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