This is a really interesting clip. It eloquently illuminates the ridiculousness of the debate surrounding health care in this country. It boggles my mind that doing what we can as a society to ensure health care for everyone has become such a controversy. This is not a debate about “socialism vs. capitalism” but about priorities. We have plenty of money to alleviate our failure to provide health care for everyone but we like our fighter jets, aircraft carriers and over 700 military bases a little too much to give them up.


3 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so discouraging. What happened to Jesus’ example of fighting for the underrepresented? The poor? The weak? Why is it that the fearful, selfish opponents speak so loudly?

  2. Beautifully put by the guy in the video. Nicely put in your words.

    This whole debate is so hideously absurd. How did they swing the idea that by having universal health care (everyone gets health care) then people would be denied health care?

    I don’t understand how anyone can give credence to this moronic Hitler crap. Seriously. Fear of the state deciding who gets health care seems irrational compared to fear of a corporation (that rewards employees for refusing health care as much as possible) deciding who gets it.

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