The GOP is Losing Their Shit

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So then it just happens to be a coincidence that this bill is now urgently needed after the first African-American President is elected. Right.

6 thoughts on “The GOP is Losing Their Shit

  1. On a serious note though…I think Chris Matthews is going overboard here. As a Ron Paul supporter I have heard a lot of crazy speculation about stuff like this in the past few years.
    There is clearly no reason to not have a bill that puts a process to constitutional requirements.
    I would have loved to have a specific process to check into and quote when Ron Paul supporters were saying McCain wasn’t a natural born citizen, and therefore Ron Paul (who was losing serverely, i’ll admit) deserved the nomination. Someone could have posted a link to the official birth certificate page, and it would have been over. Instead I received a series of annoying speculative arguments back and forth.
    It sounded pretty far fetched, but then again, am I a nut case for thinking it could possibly be true, and not having any source to check? Of course not.

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