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Here are a few pics of my current studio set up. I’ve really enjoyed the DW Classic series which is an homage to the Ludwigs and Slingerlands of the 50′ and 60’s. They have a mahogany/poplar shell construction with oversized maple reinforcement hoops and rounded bearing edges. The drums give off a very warm, dark tone with fundamentally lower notes than what you would get with maple or birch. I love the Classics because they really do give you the vibe and sound of a vintage kit with all the benefits of modern construction and technology. I have a 60’s Ludwig that I’ve used a ton and this kit keeps up with it, no problem. The shell dimensions shown above are 14×20 bass drum, 8×12 high tom, 14×14 floor tom with a 5.5×14 DW maple snare.

I’ve been using the Classics on tour for the past few years now but did not have them when we recorded our last album. My touring sizes are quite a bit bigger than what I have set up now, especially with the bass drum. My touring bass drum is 14×24 and I’ve typically recorded with a 24″ kick on all our albums so it will be interesting to see how the 20″ will shape the drum sound. Initially, it sounds really great but very different. Time will tell. It will also be interested to see how the toms fit in. The sizes I normally use are 9×13, 16×16. I’ve never owned a 14×14 until I recently got the one I have now and I’m kicking myself for putting it off. It’s a fantastic size.

For some who might wonder about the blanket on the bass drum, the reason we use the blanket is an attempt to isolate the three microphones on the bass drum from the noise coming from the rest of the kit. It’s something we’ve done for a long time and it really works well.

Click here to see a better pic of the same set when I had it set up in my office.


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