Thoughts on the Kindle

I recently received a Kindle 2 as a birthday gift from my lovely wife. Luckily the Kindle was shipped to my house just in time for a five day trip to the East coast last week. This was the first time I’ve ever gone on a trip without bringing several books, weighing down my bags. So right away, huge plus.

The trip was a great opportunity to put the Kindle to the test. In theory, this device is a great idea but I’ve never had an opportunity to give it a whirl. All in all, I’m very impressed. The screen is very easy to read and at no point did it fatigue my eyes. The ability to take notes, highlight, listen to music all in the same reading device makes it a very useful tool. At the bottom of the screen, the Kindle gives you a percentage of how far you’ve made it into whatever book your reading. I found that it provided an extra motivation to tackle the pages, something I don’t get with the dead tree version.

At no point did I miss having a real book instead of the kindle. Maybe that’s because I am still digging the newness of the device. It’s also due to the indisputable fact that if I were to bring with me all the books I have in my Kindle, I’d be paying so much more for extra baggage- not to mention how bad my back would have been with a backpack heavier than a bowling ball.

In addition to the device itself, the integration between the Kindle and the Kindle iPhone app is fantastic. I really do feel like I’ll up my reading volume significantly while armed with both options.

If you love to read and do a lot of traveling, a Kindle is an absolute no brainer. The only downside I can see with the device is that it seems very fragile. If you’re going to get the device, don’t skimp on a case and the 2 year extended warranty. I have a friend who ended up getting a slight dent on the back of the device and his screen doesn’t work at all.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Kindle

  1. Happy belated b-day. As a librarian/reading teacher I’ve been reluctant to give the Kindle a try. I know the sore arms for lugging bags filled with books on long flights, but there is just something intimate about curling up with a book that I don’t think technology can replace.

  2. Thanks for the summary. I’ve been thinking about it, since I travel back and forth to Brasil so much and I always have to drag as many books with me as I can. After 5 years of this, my library is pretty scattered and it always seems the book I need is on the other continent.

    I was a little put off by the price, and wanted to make sure it was easy to read etc before I spent the equivalent of 2 months Brasilian wages on it, so your words are really useful.

    I am curious about how well it will work in an international setting. But even if I can load it up when I’m in the states, it might be worth it. Again, thanks for talking about it.

  3. I wasn’t aware you could listen to music as well. It sounds like an awesome product for travel. Thanks for the review. I’ll be looking into this as I am always reading something!

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