Into the Shadow of Lent


Photographed here is Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia where I participated in a beautiful Ash Wednesday service. I was compelled to embrace something new rather than leave an old habit behind. Gonna be thinking about what that means for the next 40 days. Have a blessed Lenten season.

3 thoughts on “Into the Shadow of Lent

  1. Interesting you mention “embracing something new rather than leaving an old habit behind.” I’ve participated in a Lenten fast for a few years in a row, but this year I had the same intuition – to add more regular, intentional, directed practices to my day instead of giving up certain pleasures.

    Thanks for pic too –

  2. I wish I weren’t so shallow, lol. I always give up cookies or something for lent. Maybe this year I’ll branch out 🙂 Thanks for the awesome pic. What did you take it with?

  3. good stuff man. lent is an amazing season. i enjoy your blog man, you’ve got great thoughts and i appreciate what you’re doing in the world of art too. here’s a couple links about lent. the link is my friend in ATL and he’s got this prayer from Nouwen on Lent…WOW. the other is just a link to my ash wed. experience. see ya around man!

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