The Treasure of Nothingness

We fear nothingness. That’s why we fear death, too. I suspect that death is the shocking realization that everything I thought was me, everything I held onto so desperately, was precisely nothing.

The nothingness we fear so much is, in fact, the treasure that we long for. We long for the space where there is nothing to prove and nothing to protect; where I am who I am, and it’s enough.

— Richard Rohr, Radical Grace


7 thoughts on “The Treasure of Nothingness

  1. It’s a very Buddhist thought–quite elegantly put.

    Certainly its true that there are things we ought to surrender. We ought to care little for defending our ego, our dignity, our collection of stuff.

    But is it true that *your* value is precisely nothing? That the world would be no less valuable if you were not in it? That you ought to just be and not–at times–cry out for what is good, beautiful and just?

    Is it “enough” to just “be”?

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head Jeff. I think the point is to let go of ego. To realize the world will turn without you and be accepting of that fact without fear or sadness.

  3. I don’t think Rohr is saying that your value is nothing. The point here is to ask the question, “Where do you find your value?” The beauty of an identity rooted in Christ as opposed to ourselves is to recognize that regardless of what we think, say or do, we are immeasurably valued. God requires nothing of us in order to love us unconditionally, therefore if we connect or rest in that nothingness, we are in that moment, face to face with our Creator God.

    And when we become aware that WE are immeasurably valued, then we must see that ALL are immeasurably valued. In that awareness is where the soil of justice, grace, and peace is tilled.

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