iPhone Killer

I just got my iPhone and I’m really bummed. I wish I would have waited to pick up this amazing device. I can’t wait for it to be released.


10 thoughts on “iPhone Killer

  1. Its not real.

    Its part of a viral marketing campaign by Nova Scotia. The phone is a gag–the ads are attempts to draw people in to checking out their country. Its a tourism thing.

    There is no Pomegranate Phone. Its a play on Blackberry and Apple.

    Great ad. Amazing concept. Sad day, right?

  2. i’m cracking up.

    i didn’t get to the razor or coffee part before i was already off, looking for release dates. it took a google search and a couple of articles for me to pick up on it.

    i’m a lil slow… must be all the ice and snow…

    i just assumed you were all idiots, as well.

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