Big Pimpin’ in Tampa


Who looks more ready to kick ass? That’s what I thought.


7 thoughts on “Big Pimpin’ in Tampa

  1. Zach,

    I’ve been trying to get tickets for the Boston show of “Clarity” but they are all sold out. After talking with Dave Wheeler, he mentioned talking with you. I used to work at Central and lived with Dave in Mesa that summer. I am friends with John Chandler and used to listen to your old “theo hacks” podcast. As I now live in the Boston area as a youth pastor and seminary student, I was wondering if there is any way to get a ticket for the upcoming concert here?

  2. They have to win!

    One of the most amazing things I’ve experienced was when the Diamondbacks won the World Series 7 years ago and hearing all the cheering going on around my house. I imagine it will be even crazier if the Cards win it.

    It will be like an epic war battlecry!

    Now, what party to go too, hmm…

  3. Sorry to leave a comment, but could not find any other way to contact you…

    I wanted to get an email address from you to let you know about an upcoming project from The OOZE. We won’t share it, or spam you unmercifully. 🙂 If you could shoot me back an email to, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  4. I tried to start neutral, but turned to the Cards as the game went on.

    I’m still waiting to see Holmes’ right toe touch the endzone and there were more than a few bad calls that went against AZ. About the TD there’s a great photo here: (Second image in slideshow) – That’s as close as his toe got to touching while he had control of the ball.

    But still, well played Cards, you played the better football, but got unlucky on a couple of plays, which the Steelers capitalised on.

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