What a Game


What a game. I was lucky enough to be one of the fans to get through to ticketmaster is the six minutes it took for the game to sell out. Unbelievable……that’s all I can say. It was, without a doubt, the best experience as a sports fan in my entire life. In a way, if the Cards win the Super Bowl, it won’t beat what happened yesterday. I know that sounds weird, but I for those who were fortunate enough to be at that game, they’d probably agree. Wow.

You can see a collection of the stunning images from yesterdays game right here.


One thought on “What a Game

  1. Those really are some of the best football photographs I’ve seen. I worked at a newspaper for three years, and I’d look through all of the football pictures on the AP wire every Sunday, and I never saw a collection of photos from a single game this good.

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