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“In a church dedicated above all to the principle that gays are evil, the single, Jewish hippie who founded it all gets to be an embarrassment after a while. Muhammed would be more their style.”

Andrew Sullivan, in response to Mark Driscoll’s complaint in the NYT that, “The mainstream church has transformed Jesus into “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ,” a “neutered and limp-wristed popular Sky Fairy of pop culture that … would never talk about sin or send anyone to hell.”

Mullah Mark, that has a nice ring to it.


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. You know, the day I became a Christian; the moment I accepted the relationship that God wanted with me, I never expected in the near future that I would be ‘forced’ to pick a side, to choose a denomination, or to follow a theology. As far as I know, the Gospel was good enough for me. I wasn’t aware of the baggage that came with that choice.

    Mark Driscoll vs Rob Bell.

    When I started to dig, you know, when milk wasn’t enough to feed me, I started hunting for the meat. Mark Driscoll was one of the first steaks I had. Needless to say, it didn’t sit well. I had just read Velvet Elvis, which was the reason I was seeking growth, and by mistake while using an internet search engine, I had found the wrong Mars Hill church. And coincidentally, Rob Bell’s Mars Hill was the subject of flaming of Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill. After watching a few videos of Mark Driscoll’s teachings, and a few insinuating bashings on Rob Bell, just like any typical person would, I picked the side of the victim. Who sides with the bully? Did Jesus?

    Well, I decided that I wanted to be a part of Rob Bell’s yoke, just like he talked about in Velvet Elvis. And going back to what I said earlier, I never thought I would have to pick a side, that things would have ever come to this. I just have to say that I’m fortunate to have found this teacher in Rob Bell, rather than Mark Driscoll. I don’t intend to disrespect or bash him in return, but I have to think to myself, where did he go wrong in his perspective of Jesus? I know he is a Calvinist, but I like to think that his perspective of Jesus contradicts his belief that Jesus can do everything. Like, maybe his death and payment for sin was enough for ALL of humanity?

    I know this all sounds off-topic, [and I’m getting there] but I’m reminded of something I recently read in The Ragamuffin Gospel…

    “If we maintain the open-mindedness of children, we challenge fixed ideas and established structures, including our own. We listen to people in other denominations and religions. We don’t find demons in those with whom we disagree. We don’t cozy up to people who mouth our jargon. If we are open, we rarely resort to…

    either/or –

    Either creation or evolution, liberty or law, sacred or secular, Beethoven or Madonna. We focus on…


    fully aware that God’s truth cannot not be imprisoned in a small definition… But the open mind realizes that reality, truth, and Jesus Christ are incredibly open-ended.”

    Now, to the topic, I like to think that Jesus was sensitive [cradled children, one by one, and blessed them each individually] both/and offensive [preaching parables, running the people out of the church]. And in the tradition of Rob Bell, what Brennan Manning said in his book, I take as truth from God.

    So, I don’t understand where Mark is getting this militant perspective of Jesus.

    Anyways, I didn’t mean to be scatter-brained, but just a flood of things came to mind after reading that. I’ve actually read the entire article. And one thing that always seems kinda funny to me is Mark Driscoll’s appeal for Martin Luther, despite his following of John Calvin, but didn’t even Martin Luther himself say…

    “O that God should desire that my interpretation and that of all teachers should disappear, and each Christian should come straight to the Scripture alone and to the pure word of God! … Go to the Bible itself, dear Christians, and let my expositions and those of all scholars be no more than a tool with which to build aright, so that we can understand, taste, and abide in the simple and pure word of God.”

    Mesa, AZ

    PS – This is my first post, but I’ve been a fan for awhile now, thanks Zach.

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